No, not halfway house.
Not half marathon.

This week marks my official half way through of this pregnancy.

20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go.
50% there.
140 days left.
My friend Courtney still gets onto my for taking down an imageevent .com website I had, eons ago. It must have been from 2002 because I had photos of me pregnant with Britton. So- Coco, you can stop fussing at my for the absent imageevent.com site because I present to you, my friend, a pictorial story of yours truly growing fatter larger by the day. Beginning at…..
5 weeks
Fifth pregnancy can poke that belly on out fast. Embarrassingly quickly. Of course, now, looking back that stomach seems to me to be rather small. Should have worn those new bikinis a little longer while I still could.
6 weeks

 7 weeks
9 weeks
10 weeks
12 weeks
13 weeks
14 weeks

 15 weeks (Mother’s Day)
16 weeks
18 weeks
19 weeks

Of note:
  • We put the baby crib up this week (thank you Ali!)
  • Going back to maternal fetal specialist this Tuesday to ensure there are no congenital heart defects
  • Heart initailly looked good (thank you God) at 18 weeks
  • Feel him move almost daily (not many kicks yet)
  • All bloodwork has come back normal
  • Have ordered some mighty cute monogrammed outfits off Etsy (horray for Etsy!)
  • Pregnancy moving rather quickly (horray!)