My new friend, Alys

My 41 hour vacation to Alys Beach was both relaxing and fun. They don’t call it the Emerald Coast for nothin’. No husbands, children, dogs or cares. A bunch of ladies, some pregnant, some going through menopause, enjoying a beach, red wine, exotic cheese, an art festival, inevitable junk food, and 45 SPF Neutrogena sunscreen- to keep those wrinkles from my tin foil and baby oil days, at bay.

I’m still working on getting an auto playing music list with a new mixpad- eventually, I will be able to figure it out. For now, if you want some tunes, scroll down to the footer and hit “play”.

If you are planning a trip near Destin, I highly recommend Alys Beach. It’s very near Seacrest Beach and Rosemary.  This is a cool ‘treehouse’ to watch the sunset.

Our five bedroom home for Ms. Gannon’s birthday! I even had my own bedroom, and my own bathroom with full control of my own television’s remote control. Heaven.

Believe it or not, this was the bathroom for us beach-goers.

Now it’s back to the reality of mountains of dirty laundry, cleaning up dog pee, making beds, going to the cleaners, watering dehydrated plants from this 103 degree day, swimming lessons, cooking dinner, unloading dishwasher, paying bills, feeding animals and trying to clean out junk toys from under my kids beds while they aren’t looking.

Until next time, beautiful beach….