Quick Summer Craft

After our shopping trip last week, I realize just how many ugly clothes are out there.  I mean seriously, how much glitter, sequins, polyester, crinoline, and florescent peace signs does one girl need? It sent me home and straight to my sewing machine. After dusting off my machine, it took only 30 minutes (from start to finish), voila! A personalized, appliqued t-shirt for my 7 year old.
This also makes for a great, last minute birthday gift and it is so cute!
I got the shirt from Walmart, found the free font HERE, and pulled out some sassy fabric from my scrap box. Super easy, I promise! Total cost: $5 (for the t-shirt). Plus, you can make them to match any and every pair of shorts, skirts, and pants under the sun. Uh oh, do I hear a Bernina trip coming on?

On a different note, I’ve been thinking about Father’s Day and what to get Mr. Robinson. The girls have made their cards, created a handmade plate for him (Michael’s Craft Store came through again!). In fact, Kenley was so excited about her plate, she had him unwrap it last night. I didn’t even have time to take a picture.
But what can I give him? Out of the blue, I started thinking about this book I read several years ago by Stormie Omartian called Power of a Praying Wife.
I blogged about it in 2010 HERE.
She also writes Power of a Praying Husband, Power of a Praying Parent and more. As I was sifting through my notebook this morning, sipping on a delicious cup of caffeniated coffee, I was reminded once again what wisdom lies in the pages. If you are thinking of a good Father’s Day gift, this is one that would continue to give to your husband, and father of your children.
Here are just a few more snippets- food for thought if you will:
  • Talk- Fill Mr. R with Your love so that, out of the overflow of his heart will come words that build up, not tear down
  • Attitude- Fill him with Your love and peace today. Life if God-controlled, not flesh controlled
  • Choices- Fill him with fear of the Lord and give him wisdom for every decision he makes. Help him to make Godly choices
  • Protection- Protect Mr. R from any accidents, diseases, dangers or evil influences
  • Integrity- Make him a man of integrity, according to your standards
  • Talk- Guard his mouth so that he will speak only words that edify or bring life. (Help him not be a grumbler or complainer)
  • Priorities- Help me to see You first every day and set my priorities in perfect order. Put my husband before children, work, family, friend, activities and interests. Be the Lord and ruler over Mr. R’s heart
I mean wow! If I were to genuinely pray these things daily, what an impact it could have.