Recent Britton’isms

Britton’s birthday is just around the corner, on July 9th. This week we complied an email of some of the birthday wishes (things) she really wants. She asked if we could send it to her friends, but instead (thank goodness she asks before sending emails) we sent to grandparents and Aunt Britty.

She really wanted to add an itouch to the list, but I told her I didn’t feel comfortable sending that to her grandparents. With that in mind, we sent the following email.

Exhibit #1

1. Swim cap (“with flowers on it”)
2. Nose plugs (for swimming)
3. Shell jewelry box
4. Cooking Mama DSi game (Kenley has cooking Mama 2)
5. A Barnes & Noble “Nook”with WiFi – this is comparable to Amazon’s Kindle, but has kid’s games on it.

So, she asked if she could send a modified list from her email account, to include the iTouch.

This was after I had sent the correctly-priced politically-correct birthday list to her grandparents:

Exhibit #2

For my birthday I Want…

1.i pod touch

2.nook color


4.bummber pad

5.all the chet for the moothling in mosih monster from the store(loge in and on main seet is the moish store on the far right)

6.rains (for my horses)

7.grooming ket(for my horses)

See what happens when they get their own email account… luckily I get copies of what she sends. I just smile, shake my head and say to myself, “That kid…”

We are going to see a Taylor Swift concert for her birthday- on her actual birthday. However, we are also having a few girls to eat pizza at Red Elephant the night before we leave.
Britton has decided to hand-write her birthday party (dinner) invitations. I had asked her to let me proof read them before she sealed them. In true Britton fashion, she had all but signed, sealed and delivered before I found them… with the time stating from 6:00-9:30 pm!  Um, I don’t think so. But you have to admire her creativity.

And just yesterday, she was the first one in the family to put her hand on my belly and actually feel her baby brother move inside of me. She was psyched to have been the first, and thinks this makes her all the more special. She might just be right.


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