The River Dance

My almost 8-year old munchkin performed her rendition of The Wizard of Oz Friday afternoon. With her wacky hair do, flowered shoes, funny make up and mismatched outfit, she was the perfect little munchkin. We welcome you to munchkin land, fa la la la la la la la la la, fa la la la la la la.

Sassy made it back from Indianapolis just in time for the big show….

Later that night we headed to a restaurant on the river to meet some friends, have a little seafood, and do a little dance.

Britton was able to visit with her buddy Jackson who recently moved to Texas- her first boyfriend.

This is how Kenley listens to a live band…. When she isn’t shaking a little somethin’.

The following morning B put her thinking cap on to come up with a creative way to bring the beach to our backyard. As an added plus, she was taking drink orders too.

Root Beer please.

Poor hoochie mama.


Mr. R’s grandfather passed away last night. Thank you for your prayers.