Saturday Stroll

I finally got around to backing up my photos onto my storage drive. Started browsing through a few of these- from back before there was blogger. Oldies but goodies. In fact, digital photography was probably just getting big around the time Britton was born. I know we have not one digital photograph from our 2001 wedding. Imagine what we’ll have by the time my children are parents and taking photographs of their children.

A Saturday stroll through our life. Post children, of course.

 Shortly after we moved into our current home….

I am exactly 23 weeks now- this was 23 weeks with Kenley. Nice hair do Garrett. This was the night of Mike’s surprise 30th birthday at our house- when I surprised him by having him open a gift with a little girl’s camouflage outfit inside. It’s a Girl!

K born at 8 lbs 13.5 oz on 3.3.06

Age two probably…. St. George Island 4th ofJuly fun. This would have been almost 6 years ago to the day.

Class of 1995 10 year reunion. Since this photo was taken, there have been 11 more babies {7 girls} amongst this group of girls I hold dear to my heart.

This is at our old house so B must have been just under 2 years old.

 Kenley at one years old.

 Britton is going to strangle me if she sees I posted this. Shhhh.

This was our 5 year anniversary- so just over 5 years ago.

My first Mother’s Day with two little girls. 2006

6 weeks old

Mr. R and his maternal Grandmother, “Grandma Kay”

Long before Aunt Shea and Aunt Coco had their children- Railey, Maysie and Downing.

Sara Britton’s bachelorette party

16 months old- just before surgery

And so the love of horses is passed down from one Britton to the next

Nana introducing Kenley to one of her four sisters… 2006

Kenley’s first week home… not sure why we are hanging out in the garage. I must have just learned how to chi my hair- went a little overboard.

First day home as a family of four. Hard to imagine we will have one of these photos as a family of FIVE.

10 weeks… before the meningitis. Before the heart failure.

K and her friend Davis at St. George