▶verb be uncomfortably hot. ▶noun an uncomfortably hot atmosphere. – derivatives sweltering adjective, swelteringly adverb.

Dang, it’s freakin’ hot. Sweltering. Enough humidity to make straight hair curl. I think I may have seen some perspiration on my potato vines leaves. Poor little plants.
Luckily, Tucker took them out of their misery when she tore apart the bright green leafy plant that sat upon my patio.
For some reason, my girls don’t seem to notice that it is 99 degrees outside. To them, it seems perfectly lovely weather to take their babies on a stroll.

Kenley has decided that she is no longer pregnant- rather, she has her baby now. She asked me to babysit while she went to the bathroom this afternoon. What a responsible Mommy.

Mike felt his son move for the first time– on Father’s Day. How appropriate.
22 weeks

Britton has been asking questions about the  baby’s “ability cord” lately. I don’t have the heart to tell her it’s called an umbilical cord- because frankly it should be called an ability cord. She’s on to something.

I must be in full nesting mode. Last night I appliqued 10 onesies and today I scrubbed the creaveses of my washing machine with a toothbrush. No, I’m not making this stuff up. It started with the toothbrush on the kitchen faucet, when I saw how well that worked, I moved to the fridge and ended up in the laundry room. I’m sure they make some kind of medication for this type of behavior.

I also seem to cry a lot. The pampers diaper commerical gets me every time. Even the old movie 8 seconds had me bawling last night. I had to stop watching Oprah- it was just too much.

Kenley kindly pointed out that my swollen breasts almost reach my chin. Thank you Kenley, I hadn’t noticed.

The girl has found her inner self confidence- jumping off pool ledges, trailers, couches, beds. Anything with a drop- pow! She can do it!

The other woman in Mr. Robinson’s life….

This little girl prefers to spend her summer afternoons lounging on the sun room couch. Such the life.

Briton picked and arranged flowers for her Daddy on Sunday. The girls also prepared (with the help of Mama) eggs, bacon, toast, cheese grits, coffee, fruit and orange juice. Placed on a wooden tray that was given to use for our wedding, they served it to their Daddy in bed.

I could tell by looking at Kenley, that she received true joy by giving.
She made a booklet about Mr. R at her preschool, and we made plates at home last week. I asked her to draw a picture of an activity that she and her Daddy do together.

She drew them in a boat. How appropriate.

Until it the temp drops to at least 95, we will be doing this…..


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