Thursday marks day 4 of play dates, crafts, swimming pools, and errands. I am beat. It’s catching up to me. My pregnancy-induced spider veins look like someone has beaten my thigh black and blue.
I cave. Yep, I admit. This Robinson Girls Summer Camp is wearing slightly on this 3rd trimester mama. Next week {hopefully there is still room} miss B will attend Art Camp in the after noons. While I love spending these summer days with my girls, we still have weeks of summer to go…..
In the meantime, we enjoyed visiting taking some photos of Morgan’s precious little bitties today.

I think I can get used to this boy thing.

 I mean seriously- what’s not to love? A tow head, tools and a pressed collard shirt? Sold!



The Dang Diaper Bag.
That is the new name for the Amy Butler diaper bag that I have now spent 12+ hours making, over the past 3 weeks. Yes, it is cute and all, but dang- I could have bought myself a mac-daddy {is that still a word?} bag online had I known all the work it would entail.
Thte DDB is almost done though. Once I finish this week’s “homework” I will be home free!

This is us at the fabric store where we take a class in the back on Monday nights.

My friend Edie who talked me into taking the DDB class. She was determined to top stitch and finish her bag last night. Send me some pictures woman- I know you carried that thing to work today…..

Britton was under the weather yesterday, I am feeling not-so-hot today. Am hoping that this too shall pass because the summer sniffles are never fun and they sure seem to be going around.
Britton was back in her saddle today at Cherry Hill- atop her house and high on life. Followed by a play date this afternoon, with another friend.Tomorrow, more play dates at the swimming pool. Thursday- yet another play date, with another friend, at a different pool. You get the picture. This mama is having summer-is-almost-over and holy sh*t there will be a baby soon guilt- so sucking out the last bit of play time with the kids.

Britton reminiscing with her preschool friend, Caroline, over their preschool year book.

Following dinner last night, the girls set up a magic show for us- complete with chairs, reserved seating with name tags, signs, an assistant (Kenley) and 20+ minutes worth of magic tricks. Pops- that was a great Christmas present! Wonder what’s in store for us tonight… Oh wait, this mama will be at Book Club #2- we were to have read Cutting for Stone. While I haven’t finished but 70% {thanks to my Kindle that tells me how far I have read} it should stil be fun.

Prayer Request Per Britton

Real quick post- I am enjoying a day to myself while Mr. R has the girls scalloping at the coast…
This morning at the early church service, our pastor asked for prayer requests. One woman, raised her hand and said that her husband recently lost his job, would we please pray that he finds another one soon. Another man asked that we pray for his mother’s friend who just had double knee replacement surgery.
Britton nudges me and suggests, “raise your hand Mama and ask them to pray for Daddy’s leg surgery.”
Mike and I both tried not to chuckle in the middle of everyone pouring out their prayer requests. Wouldn’t that be hilarious, trying to explain to the pastor that the “leg surgery” he had, was actually a vasectomy!

Board Game Lessons

As I laid down on Britton’s bed today for a little mid-morning Saturday snooze, my chance for shuteye was quickly interrupted by bzzzzzzz! Britton and Kenley had taken it upon themselves to set up the Operation board game on my large, moving belly. They found it hilarious to have baby brother move when they couldn’t get the rubber band out of the guy’s stomach setting a chain reaction of sounding off the alarm, making the board game waddle (thanks to baby brother partaking) and jerking mama’s eyes back open.
As I lay there, literally, one daughter on each side of me, son kicking inside of me– I watched as each child secretly tried to let the other sister win- as to not feel inferior. Britton would purposely set off the buzzer with each attempt, while K would put the foreign objects back into the abdomen, when B wasn’t looking.
I think this may be what God often time does with us, his children. He watches as we go about planning our strategic moves, deliberating over each life decision, thinking of the goals we wish to attain, and when we are not looking- he places people, opportunities and blessing before our very eyes. And here we thought it was our hard work, luck, intelligence and patience which has reaped such rewards. Such a child’s way of thinking.
It is now a rainy Saturday afternoon, Mr. R is getting some land ready for the hunting he believes he will be doing in October… which makes it ideal for some quality time with 7 month old cousin, Allie Boone Nee Nee.

My little Swiffer Jet… gets any left behind dust bunnies with her wounded Veterean, one arm crawl.

Kenley ensures that all Glamour Shots come fully accessorized.

This is the happy look the kid always has on her face. Except when she’s sleeping.  Or pooping. Those expressions to follow.

Great Aunt Dee Dee taught Britton’s first sewing lesson on Thursday. Three hours I might add. B has since made my a handkerchief, AB a monogrammed blanket, and Kenley a cloth for cleaning sunglasses. Go sister!

So far, only a small amount of blood- and she was back to her creation of the hour. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Can’t wait to finish my diaper bag on Monday night!


Recently, I have been weighing the scale of working versus staying home with my children. There are pro’s and con’s to both. Some Moms work because they have to. Others because they want to. And those, that are lucky, because they love their craft, whatever it may be. Some moms, would give up everything to be at home with their children. Others, know they would lose their mind if they were lay on the floor and play puzzles all day moms.
Working Mom.
Stay at Home Mom.
Moms are moms- no matter what the label is we feel we have to put on ourselves.
I have tried all three scenarios- working full time, working part time, and not working at all. I’ve worked in the office, I’ve worked from home, and I’ve worked in my home. It’s great to be around adults, fine tune your brain, dress cute, bring home a pay check- while on the flip side, it’s equally worthwhile to spend time with your children, tend to their daily needs and be the one to make their peanut butter and honey sandwich {no crust}.
What I have come to realize, is there is no one perfect solution. The best solution, is the one you create  that works best for you and your family, at the time.
Family dynamics evolve and change. Young babies allow you more office time, while they incessently sleep, while suprisingly school age children require much more of your time (think homework, after school activities).
I am debating going back to work, part time, after quitting my part time (remote) job only 8 months ago. It got to be too much, through no ones fault but my own, trying to be accessible to my family and my job all day, every day.
Morning staff Meeting? I’m there.
Parent reader in the classroom? Count me in.
Ballet carpool and snacks? I’ll do it.
Conference call while at soccer practice? Sure, just let me walk over here where it’s quiet
Important return phone call? Okay,I can hit “replay” on Chicken Little for the third time today and swallow my guilt
What’s for dinner? Got it covered.
Proposal gonna be finished by the deadline? Sure, when the kids go to bed at 8:00 am tonight, I can start working on it.
I am only one person. Everyone deserves some slack, everyone but moms. We are super human and should be able to do it, including putting a delicious, smell-good-when-he-walks-in-the-door dinner on the table at night. Or so we think.
I admire Moms that work full time. Because, let me tell you. It ain’t easy.
I admire Moms that stay at home with their baby or babies…. it is often thankless work.
And I admire those Moms that can do both, and do both well. It’s a lot of juggling both mentally and physically to constantly be switching hats.
Okay, got that off my chest. It is my deep thought for the week. What  I have been fretting over for a while now. Sometimes it just feels better to put it out there.
One thing I know. It’s assuring, that at the end of the day, whatever I am, I am still a mom. And that, my friends, isnt’ ever going to change.
When not fretting over balance and hypethical schedules in my head, I have enjoyed watching Kenley apply blue 80’s eyeshadow to her little lids. How she found a pocket book (see, there’s that word again) to match her headband, I do not know.

When in a funk, my mom always said to buy yourself a little somethin’ to feel better. Okay, so I made that up- but I do believe that is good advice because it works.


After…. I love Thomasville, GA day trips. Never know what you can find in the little antique stores. These 8×8 watercolors were hung in a corner and originated from Illinois. I wonder who used to own them? How did they end up here?

Before: The area above the doorway needed some pizzaz.

After: Whoila.

Last week in my second trimester.

Kenley read a book to me this afternoon.

I am not sure which she is admiring here- her bracelet or her library book?

If you’ve ever wondered where Britton gets her Britton’isms from– let me tell you, it’s from her Aunt Britty. I called my sister today at worked and asked what she was doing.
She said, “rubbing fingernail polish remover on my poison ivy. I want to get rid of it before I go to the beach this weekend.’
I responded, “isn’t fingernail polish what you use to mend a hole in your panty hose Sara Britton?”
Sara Britton- “Oh ya, that’s what I was thinking of. No wonder it is burning like hell.”