Board Game Lessons

As I laid down on Britton’s bed today for a little mid-morning Saturday snooze, my chance for shuteye was quickly interrupted by bzzzzzzz! Britton and Kenley had taken it upon themselves to set up the Operation board game on my large, moving belly. They found it hilarious to have baby brother move when they couldn’t get the rubber band out of the guy’s stomach setting a chain reaction of sounding off the alarm, making the board game waddle (thanks to baby brother partaking) and jerking mama’s eyes back open.
As I lay there, literally, one daughter on each side of me, son kicking inside of me– I watched as each child secretly tried to let the other sister win- as to not feel inferior. Britton would purposely set off the buzzer with each attempt, while K would put the foreign objects back into the abdomen, when B wasn’t looking.
I think this may be what God often time does with us, his children. He watches as we go about planning our strategic moves, deliberating over each life decision, thinking of the goals we wish to attain, and when we are not looking- he places people, opportunities and blessing before our very eyes. And here we thought it was our hard work, luck, intelligence and patience which has reaped such rewards. Such a child’s way of thinking.
It is now a rainy Saturday afternoon, Mr. R is getting some land ready for the hunting he believes he will be doing in October… which makes it ideal for some quality time with 7 month old cousin, Allie Boone Nee Nee.

My little Swiffer Jet… gets any left behind dust bunnies with her wounded Veterean, one arm crawl.

Kenley ensures that all Glamour Shots come fully accessorized.

This is the happy look the kid always has on her face. Except when she’s sleeping.  Or pooping. Those expressions to follow.

Great Aunt Dee Dee taught Britton’s first sewing lesson on Thursday. Three hours I might add. B has since made my a handkerchief, AB a monogrammed blanket, and Kenley a cloth for cleaning sunglasses. Go sister!

So far, only a small amount of blood- and she was back to her creation of the hour. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Can’t wait to finish my diaper bag on Monday night!