The Dang Diaper Bag.
That is the new name for the Amy Butler diaper bag that I have now spent 12+ hours making, over the past 3 weeks. Yes, it is cute and all, but dang- I could have bought myself a mac-daddy {is that still a word?} bag online had I known all the work it would entail.
Thte DDB is almost done though. Once I finish this week’s “homework” I will be home free!

This is us at the fabric store where we take a class in the back on Monday nights.

My friend Edie who talked me into taking the DDB class. She was determined to top stitch and finish her bag last night. Send me some pictures woman- I know you carried that thing to work today…..

Britton was under the weather yesterday, I am feeling not-so-hot today. Am hoping that this too shall pass because the summer sniffles are never fun and they sure seem to be going around.
Britton was back in her saddle today at Cherry Hill- atop her house and high on life. Followed by a play date this afternoon, with another friend.Tomorrow, more play dates at the swimming pool. Thursday- yet another play date, with another friend, at a different pool. You get the picture. This mama is having summer-is-almost-over and holy sh*t there will be a baby soon guilt- so sucking out the last bit of play time with the kids.

Britton reminiscing with her preschool friend, Caroline, over their preschool year book.

Following dinner last night, the girls set up a magic show for us- complete with chairs, reserved seating with name tags, signs, an assistant (Kenley) and 20+ minutes worth of magic tricks. Pops- that was a great Christmas present! Wonder what’s in store for us tonight… Oh wait, this mama will be at Book Club #2- we were to have read Cutting for Stone. While I haven’t finished but 70% {thanks to my Kindle that tells me how far I have read} it should stil be fun.