Fluff and Heat

Between this fluffyness feeling and the freakin’ heat- I am in a bit of a funk. But we keep pressing forward with smiles and busy-ness each day.
K had a Mermaid swimming party yesterday and B gets to go to summer camp this week.  So… that meant some one on one time with  my soon-to-be-Kindergartner K which we spent swimming at Sassy’s. That’s how I’m sliding in my disclosure as to why there isn’t one photo of my first born in this post.
This afternoon Nana is taking them to a movie- pow, a double whammy. Two grandmothers in one day. Kenley is stoked!

I know, don’t ever listen to me complain.

Papa’s in the pool and Mama’s in the shade. All is well in the world.

Loving her new Hartstring’s bikini I found at the Destin outlet mall this month.

Sewing– I am back on the wagon.
On Saturday, while Mr. R took the girls to the movie I made 10, yes ten, burp cloths. Nesting much? Intervention? Not sure which. 
Tonight, is class #2 for the Amy Butler “Cosmo Bag” {a.k.a “diaper bag”} I have attempted to design/create. I now know it would have been cost effective to just buy the stinking one I wanted from Nordstrom.com, but hey- it will be a one of a kind for this last baby of mine. And yes indeed, it will be the last. We made sure of that on Friday when Mr. R had a little, uh um… procedure. As the girls say, he has a boo-boo so he’s been taking it easy for a couple days. Three children just feels right for our family and it ’twas time.

Britton wants to enter a dog-calendar photo contest, so she has me relentlessly snap photos of Poochie when she thinks it would look good on a desk calendar.
A recent Britton’ism is overdue, so in place of a photo, here you go. Britton asked me if we could run out the door and do goodness knows what. I told her that I needed to rest for a minute first. She looked at me, cocked her head to one said and asked, “Do you need to drain your varicose veins?”
Kenley asked me if we could go to Hannah, Montana one day (the city). Wouldn’t that be a trip!
Lordy, these kiddos are slap my lap funny sometimes. Definitely makes up for the arguments, messy rooms, and tattle-tailing.
Happy Monday- I promise to be more chipper on Tuesday.