Growing More Rosemary

Another day without a watch, count of calories and plethora of beer for those wishing to partake.
Pig tailed 5 year olds also have time a plenty for creativity outlets in the afternoons- post ice cream cones of course.

Finally saw this body of mine in a full length mirror last night, for the first time since Wednesday- thanks to the restaurant bathroom. Holy Toledo! I swear, judging by the size of my ever growing abdomen this baby boy  looks like he could arrive in a few weeks. What the heck?
As a precaution, and to be the ever prepared mom I, of course, had to check out the outlet malls yesterday with Aunt Britty to ensure he has ample of cute clothes when he arrives. Hit the jackpot with Children’s Place, Heartstrings and Carters. Although it takes more searching, there are cute, simple baby boy clothes out there. You just have to dig, dig, and dig some more. Aunt Britty scored with some Eurpoean linen overalls from Janie and Jacks too.
Every now and then you can find something that doesn’t say “Daddy’s little Dude” stitched across the front.  I already have some ideas floating in my head for possible outfits for this little peanut.

And this would be why there are no shots of Britton- she is busy pedaling her independent self on the streets of 30A- equipped with helmet, iPhone, wristwatch, and pride. Today, with all the holiday traffic, she is no longer crossing this busy street. Safety first, sorry sweet thing.

And this is how Kenley packs for the beach– headband, pocket book, bucket for shell collecting and hot pink flip flops. My mom and I got a kick out of this… she laid out her ‘things’ then announced that she was ready for the beach!

And we all know her by now- the Peanut Butter Cup.

Britton’s big purchase thus far has been the Expedition 200 inflatable boat, compliments of Mr. Robinson. It has been a big hit both at the pool and in the ocean. Although, going over the large waves (picture Tom Hanks making his get away in Cast Away) was frightening at first- she has since conquered her fear and even made new friends- Ava and Annabelle from Arkansas.

Taking our sea shell collecting to the next level, with the security of Pops hand in hers.

This crew of ours likes having their DD around, your truly. Lucky for me “the” bar around here is right under us.

We managed to meet up with friends for some early morning swimming… Lilli and Kenley.

And finally, Kenley has found someone else to accessorize- besides herself and Fancy Nancy. I think it’s pretty cute too!


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  1. 1' says

    Finding cute and classic boys clothes is hard, and expensive. everything says mommys little man, daddys main dude, etc etc. good luck! Bailey boys is always a sure thing ;)