Happy Birthday Britton

It’s night time here, and birthday celebrations are winding down…. but goodness has it been a fun, if not somewhat long, day. It all started (today’s edition keep in mind) with breakfast in bed, per Britton’s request. Cinnamon Toast Crunch and bacon. Check.

The co-chef who assisted me in the kitchen, while the birthday gal sat in bed waiting for her trey o’ food.

Then we had a little opening of presents- including an iPod shuffle. You would have thought we gave her keys to a new car.
We then got dressed and headed to the mall for some shopping. Mr. R gave her shopping money, and might I say the girl can stretch a budget just like her Mama. She spent it all with .15 cents to spare. She must have pulled out at least 100 things in the 6 different stores we went it. Later, as she put it when I complimented her on her mathematics, she said “Well, I am really good with money Mama.” Okay, noted.
I will say this- my preteen {is 8 considered a preteen yet?} has a different taste in fashion- as was exemplified with her love of these shoes. And no, I am not kidding.
Forgive the iPhone quality

Luckily, I was able to steer her to Gap Kids- which I have a whole new appreciation for. Most everything is age appropriate in their store.

When we arrived home, throbbing veins and 5 hours later, mini me greeted us at the door. This shot it is great because it is the epitome of Kenley. Snack and drink in hand, blond hair dsheveled, looking for her Mama. Of course, the first question out of her mouth was, “did you get me anything?”
Hence the throbbing veins in my leg…..
{24 weeks}

Several hours later grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, cousin and uncles arrived for yet more celebrations. And sweets. And gifts.

Eyeing her sister’s presents.

The other photographer in the family- Meme shows up to every family event with her latest disposal camera.
And yes, she still drives to Walgreens, drops off her camera, and drives back days later to pick up her photographs.

More cake!

Grandparents went in and bought the girl a COLOR Nook. Well, if she was handed the keys to a car earlier in the day, she was now given a once in a lifetime roadtrip opportunity to take that car on. She was thrilled!

And let me just say, for those parents of you that are looking for an educational, electronic gift- so far, the Nook doesn’t disappoint. It even has audio- which means it reads books aloud. Reads books aloud. Genius.

That would be her iPod shuffle attached to her shirt. She hasn’t taken it off all day- except at the mall because I made her…

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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    Love this. LOVE the ipod shuffle attached to the shirt. And love Kenley with her snacks looking for her mama. Reminds me of my sassy girl.