Puppy Love

I am told, that the infatuation you have for your first childhood love, is equivalent to the feelings a man has for his first bird dog. That no-rhyme-or-reason just flat out like you for who you are kind o’ love.

And so it is with Mr. R and his Tucker.

He beams like a proud Father when she sits, stays, retrieves, and swims. “Come here Garrett, look what Tucker can do!”

Skipping rocks at the lake is a new found tradition with the girls. They each take turns to see whose rock can skip the highest number of times.

He is working hard to get her trained by hunting season which incidentally opens around the time our baby is due. Woops. I have assured him he won’t miss out on hunting season– at least not entirely.

Don’t worry little hooch the pooch- we haven’t forgotten about you. What Tucker is to Mr. R- Hooch Mama is to our girls. They take her everywhere, like a little pocket book. I love that word- pocket book.

Dousing themselves in bug spray- they love Miss B. She woke up yesterday, got dressed, walked into the kitchen only to have me freak when I saw all the blood coming through her pants. Despite our best attempts o protect her legs (long pants, bug spray, long PJ’s at night) she had managed to raise her pajama pants- in her sleep- and furiously scratch her bug bits.

Antiseptic and 12 band aids letter, she may have looked like a POW, but she was good to go.

I realized all my pictures sucked lately because I hadn’t gotten my pregnant fanny outside to face the heat and snap in the “good light”.  Hence, the nature expedition last night in the neighborhood.

Okay, so it wasn’t a real nature hike- in fact, I drove the golf cart to the lake to walk around. But, when it’s 80% humidity and you’re walking in it- that’s a nature walk to me.

This is how Sassy Pants walks on her nature trail.

Always taking time to stop and notice the pretty things surrounding her.

Super easy recipe from my tride and true Southern Living cookbook….

Chef Boy Ardee (I know this is incorrect spelling- my apologies to the chef) lent a hand, once again. She came accessorized for the preparations. As always.

The older sister is a true hippy chic…. Peace.

After one of our crafts this week, making homemade bath salts, the girls decided to take it a step farther and create their own spa day. They dug through my bathroom drawers to find my night cream and it was all downhill from there…. I must say though, K did have some glowing skin.

  Peace out for now.