I cannot seem to get any thoughts in order to make a somewhat cohesive post. So I bring you a post of randomness.
Random Thing #1: Nasty, sugary, artificial orange flavored thick drink Yum. Two hour glucose tolerance test- gotta love it.
Random Phone Photos: snapped while in Rosemary, we were waiting on our dinner.

Mr. R and I found a new dock near our house- exploring pays off.

Random CRAFT: Yesterday’s Craft-O’-the-Day was painted door hangers. Oh Michaels, I do love you so.
By the way, all the craft ideas we are using this summer were found HERE. My go-to website for everything scholastic and fun alike. They have excellent worksheets.

Random Blog Post: This is a great Christian faith post I read yesterday. You can read it HERE.

Random Feet

Random Fashion Statement: Britton showed up in the kitchen wearing this get up. Said she needed to goggles and knee botts to explore the new mud puddles in the side yard. Don’t ask- it’s Britton’s world, I’m just living in it.

Random Reciepe: Flank Steak (I substituted Ribeye) with Corn Salsa from this Southern Living Cookbook

Red Pepper
Red Onion
Kernel Corn
Fresh Cilantro
Vegetable Oil
Salt and Pepper

Literally took 15 minutes. My crew ate it on warm flour tortillas- such a cinch.

Happy Random Tuesday!


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