Well darn that Taylor Swift. If she didn’t just go off and catch herself bronchitis, forcing her to cancel- or I should say “reschedule” Saturday’s concert for October.

Saturday, if you recall, is Britton’s 8th birthday and I purchased tickets months back. According to Britton it was to be a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to have Taylor perform on her actual birthday.

But alas, illness happens. So in the midst of unpacking from the beach trip, and repacking for Atlanta I broke the news to Miss Thang. She took it in stride and even went so far as to say she felt bad for Taylor- since she is sick.

Dang it, why does she have to be so darn compassionate.  I wanted some fire underneath, some roar.  Nada. Zilch. Nothin’. Just understanding and compassion. Where did I go wrong as a mother.

Now it’s time for my confession. The real reason I got so wound up about the cancelled trip was because I was secretly looking forward to the concert. Heck, I had even downloaded her Speak Now CD on my iPhone several months ago and had been practicing the lyrics. There. I put it out there. Thought you should know the truth.

And I am not alone either. I’ll go ahead and throw Aunt CoCo under the bus and tell you, she too, has been excited about the concert. Probably even more so than her God daughter.

But Downing and Scott’s shall have to wait for now. 

PS- the rescheduled date has been set for October 2nd- just a few weeks before my due date. Funny, huh?

On a less grumbly and complaining note, we did have  great time at her birthday dinner last night. She and 6 friends enjoyed pizza, giggles and game room tokens at a local “cool” spot for families and kids. She has chosen her mermaid themed invite and a good time was had by all.

For party favors, I took B to the Country Dollar where she picked out individual gifts for each girlfriend. Boy, was that cute to watch. She knew each friend’s personality inside and out, and chose each individual gift with much thought and insight. When paired with candy and a hand decorated bag, they were a big hit!

I am liking my new iPhone Hipstamatic app. 

Her Aunt Dee Dee surprised her in a big way with a sewing machine! Britton now has a machine, carrier and fully stocked sewing basket. Thank you Dee Dee!!

Tomorrow, she has asked that I take her shopping, in lieu of the cancelled trip. With Mr. R’s blessing, she and I will be hitting the streets tomorrow morning to kick off a fantanstic day and cause to celebrate. My little baby will be eight.