The Bus Stop

I’m going out on a limb with this post- Britton told me I must delete the below photos, so it will be a quick post before she gets back from Fuzions Yogurt with her Sassy.
It’s a big day……
My baby took the school bus home for the first time.
Of course, Mama Bear and Grand Mama Bear were waiting at the neighborhood bus stop for her {inside the car, per her instructions}. Apparently, this still wasn’t cool enough because Britton then waved us on home and told us she wanted to walk the .45 miles in the 99 degrees by herself, with her blue L.L. Bean backpack rolling behind her.

If only I had my Canon for this moment… iPhone quality will have to suffice

So Sassy, Kenley and I drove 5 mph for 10 minutes while she rolled her way on home.

It was quite funny indeed…. the independent 3rd grader adament that she wanted to walk to the house. Mind you, we found that all the other children lived within 30 yards of the bus stop- so this Mama has already left a message to see if they could drop her off any closer.

 I’m thinking that come October, having both my girls dropped off in front of the house, with baby #3 asleep inside, would be freaking awesome! Hollah.

Incidentally, Britton wasn’t feeling the camera for this monumental moment- preferring to hide from the camera by laying in the neighbors lawn.

Good job baby girl!

Another check.


Back in the Saddle

Hurry up fall… our mindset is there, now we just need the weather to catch up.
After taking most of the summer off, Britton returned to Cherry Hill today for a long awaited weekly lesson.  She seemed to be a bit less spunky today, but the hot weather may have had something to do with that…. right?  At any rate, she’s back in the saddle again.

Maybe I am reading too much into everything with my little chick a dee these days….

This one here needed to mist herself at the barn, just like her great grandmother Meme who, to this day, carries an Evian spray bottle, in both her purse and car, to mist her face throughout the day. This, plus the scotch tape and incline bench, are her secrets to success.  Take notes Kenley.

Taking notes… this hunting dog has been taking notes from her sister Poochie. She now prefers to stay inside, scratches at the door to come back in, and whines when Mr. R isn’t around her. She has quickly picked up on all of Poochie’s bad habits. Like my mom used to tell me, ‘hang with dogs and you get fleas’.

After church on Sunday, B and I spent the day sewing at the kitchen table. She created a purse, which she plans to sell on her blog, and I tried a new pattern by making a ruffled/piped ‘school spirit’ skirt for Kenley. Britton liked it so much, she has even put in a request for the same skirt…..

She staged this photo for her blog, $4.99 {she said you don’t want to make it too expensive, nor do you want it to be “cheap”}. Notice the shipping and handling charges.

Thank you Aunt Dee Dee for teaching her how to iron. I am such a neurotic Mom that I would have probably held off until high school, but lucky for me, Britton ironed not only her fabric, but also three shirts I had hanging in the laundry room. Score. Now if I could just get her to cook dinner and drive Kenley to school, I’ll be set.

The Game of Life

Much like the Dow Jones, the girls school week also had some lows but ultimately closed with a high on Friday. 
This set a nice tone for a relaxed, do-nothing, non-tension filled weekend.  Just like the game of Life- which we bought for Britton share at school for Friday’s ‘Game Day’.  Now that they can play board games together, we may be adding several more to our board game shelf collection come October.

They played for literally 1.5 hours until I called them away for supper. Monopoly is next on B’s list.

This is how my outdoors man husband finds entertainment at night in our gated community. Redneck child not included.

Mr. R spent all day today in the 98 degees mowing. weeding and preparing some 4,200 acres of Georgia land for the upcoming hunting season. Doesn’t sound like fun for me on a hot day like today, but the boy loves it. Got to love someone with a real passion.

While Britton was at a friend’s house this afternoon, Kenley and Mommy had a day-long date which included a trip to the Target toy secion, Wendy’s, two boards games, baking strawberry cupcakes, and an afternoon trip to the swimming pool.
We first played Sorry and it was neat to listen to her read the instructions on the playing cards, and then count her little red figurines around the colorful card board. The girl can now play board games- and beat her mama at both rounds. Go Kenley!

She loves this Princess Mattress game that was a big sister hand me down.

Speaking of hand me downs, I am lucky to have fantastic friends who have given me enough clothing for baby boy to be dressed to the nines for a very long time. With 7 weeks to go, I finally planted myself in the nursery for hours today, getting it organized. Photos to follow once it’s completed.
Hanging up is the DDD that is ready to go.

The inside liner.
The bag has 9 custom pockets, 7 on the inside and 2 on the outside.

Covered buttons are a cinch- all this time I had been afraid for no reason. Geez, it’s the resonating lesson of the week.

Sweat Therapy

Having had enough school talk for a while, Britton decided she needed to have some fun despite the heat yesterday afternoon. In lieu of a pool, she turned on the irrigation system, pulled out some old pool floats she found in the garage, sported her pink polka dot bikini and turned the front yard into her own playground.
Kenley, in true Kenley fashion, followed suit.

It was fun watching these two smile and make an effort to continue to suck the last bit of summer out of their August.  Kenley continues to ask me why she is having school in the summer….

Britton had a bit of a melt down last night. I think the combonation of a different, larger school coupled with the pending arrival of a new baby sent her into a bit of a tail spin- understandbly so.
To hear you child cry and say “I hate my school. I don’t have any friends. It’s so big I can’t find my classroom. I want to go back to my old school.” is enough to absolutely break my heart. Mike asked who it was she didn’t like, and she replied, “I don’t even know their names. I know nobody.”
She was crying in her bedroom and I was crying in the family room- unable to even soothe her until I could pull myself together. Her daddy was left with the task of trying to console her.
I felt like I had let her down somehow. 
Man, it doesn’t matter what it is, a big problem or a little problem, to know your child’s heart is breaking is like double the pain of having your own heart hurt. It was the first time I have ever seen her truly broken hearted.
Thankfully, tomorrow is another day. And so it was. After emailing her teacher (and receiving a quick response back), walking her to her class this morning, planning  specific meeting location at the pick up address, and a good dose of Art Class at school, she had a much better day today, even dare I say it- made a friend in her class!
I know in the scheme of things, this is small stuff. Really I do. The big things are parents that have lost a child, have children battling real disease, but the pain transends to us all when our children are anything less than happy.

Kenley said she had a “great day” in Kindergarten as was excited about her art class and the treasure box come Friday. She may have even had a little skip in her step after school. It’s tough to bring this girl down.
Time.  Change takes time. This is my new manttra.
And today, I saw it evolve into truth.

Boone Nee Nee’s

Kenley had a better day at Kindergarten today {whew}- I think slowly but surely she will become acclimated to her new, larger, surrondings.
Britton, on the other hand, is still apprehensive but seems to keep her complaints to herself unless I ask what she thinks. She, too, will be fine I believe – sometimes change takes a little time is all. Particularly if you are a third grader.
Without change, we cannot grow. So this is a good thing for all of us and will build character.

On a completely different note, it’s time for some Boone Nee Nee’s loving. Since SBK has not updated her blog on little bit’s progress, I shall. AB is 8 months old… she and her soon-to-be cousin will be 10 months apart. Just enough space for me to get all of Sara Britton’s cool baby stuff {my loot visited Goodwill years ago}. AB spent Friday afternoon with us, marking the last of our summer days.

Having AB around is a good foreshadow as to how tricky things will be with three kids under this roof. From having a hungry, whiny baby, with two equally hungry {and vocal} children, requiring help with homework, a dog who has peed on the floor, chicken that is burning on the stove, phone that continues to ring, and groceries melting in the car. It’s enough to burn a calorie or two running around {and to get my eye twitching for sure.} It’s a good dress rehearsal and serves as a reminder how important scheduling is- it was imperative when they were babies, and it is equally important with grade school children.
Licking her lips while eyeing Tucker…

Guess who can pull herself up now. All 99% in weight. She gets her thighs from her aunt- I am proud. Time for me to paint her toenails again.

Debating what she wants for dinner… Yogurt, peas, carrots AND a bottle should suffice.

Matt Senior and Matt Jr. We celebrated the night before school with family pizza night.

Mr. R’s long time buddy brought his precious girl over to meet Uncle Mike Saturday morning. What a happy baby! Big Daddy thought this moment required a photograph. Looks quite normal to me.

Mr. R enjoying some R&R last weekend