2nd Trimester- Baby #3

I wasn’t sure when the “second trimester” even started so I had to look it up. Apparently it begins at week 14 and ends at week 26. Who knew? Now that I am in the last and final trimester (29 weeks), here is a snapshot of the long gone second trimester.

14 weeks….
He can pee and suck his thumb.

15 weeks….
He is the size of an apple.

16 weeks…
Baby boy weighs as much as a turnip.

18 weeks…
Baby boy is 5 1/2″ long and can flex his arms and legs.

19 weeks….
He is 6″ long (from head to bottom) and the hair on his head is starting to grow.

20 weeks…
Halfway mark; he can swallow.

21 weeks…..
He has eyebrows and lids this week.

22 weeks….
He weighs a pound and grew himself a pancreas!

23 weeks….
Blood vessels in his lungs are preparing him from breathing.

24 weeks….
He is almost a foot long.

25 weeks….
He is getting chunky and now weighs 1 1/2 pounds.