Back in the Saddle

Hurry up fall… our mindset is there, now we just need the weather to catch up.
After taking most of the summer off, Britton returned to Cherry Hill today for a long awaited weekly lesson.  She seemed to be a bit less spunky today, but the hot weather may have had something to do with that…. right?  At any rate, she’s back in the saddle again.

Maybe I am reading too much into everything with my little chick a dee these days….

This one here needed to mist herself at the barn, just like her great grandmother Meme who, to this day, carries an Evian spray bottle, in both her purse and car, to mist her face throughout the day. This, plus the scotch tape and incline bench, are her secrets to success.  Take notes Kenley.

Taking notes… this hunting dog has been taking notes from her sister Poochie. She now prefers to stay inside, scratches at the door to come back in, and whines when Mr. R isn’t around her. She has quickly picked up on all of Poochie’s bad habits. Like my mom used to tell me, ‘hang with dogs and you get fleas’.

After church on Sunday, B and I spent the day sewing at the kitchen table. She created a purse, which she plans to sell on her blog, and I tried a new pattern by making a ruffled/piped ‘school spirit’ skirt for Kenley. Britton liked it so much, she has even put in a request for the same skirt…..

She staged this photo for her blog, $4.99 {she said you don’t want to make it too expensive, nor do you want it to be “cheap”}. Notice the shipping and handling charges.

Thank you Aunt Dee Dee for teaching her how to iron. I am such a neurotic Mom that I would have probably held off until high school, but lucky for me, Britton ironed not only her fabric, but also three shirts I had hanging in the laundry room. Score. Now if I could just get her to cook dinner and drive Kenley to school, I’ll be set.


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