Bid Day 2011

We continue stepping our way towards change. The girls met their new teachers, soon-to-be friends and dining hall and campus today. All the worrying, prayer, stress, and doubt led to a delightful surprise when we met two wonderful, sweet, young teachers that will be responsible for my little souls 35 hours a week this school year. Either I worried unnecessarily, or it’s another lesson that prayer works. I could not have hand picked better teachers myself, for my two girls. All this time, it’s like we’ve had this little private school in our own backyard. Who knew? I guess it’s a bigger lesson to me, than it is to my children, that sometimes you just have to give change a chance.

Kenley arriving with her supplies and smiles. And for good reason- her teacher was ‘Teacher of the Year 2009-2010′. K already has three friends in her class that we know- what are the chances of that with eight kindergarten classes?

Yesterday we drove to school to see the class lists posted. It was like University of Alabama bid day all over again. Only instead of college freshman girls in Patagonia shorts and hot rolled hair, it was Moms crowded around the taped pieces of paper, squinting their eyes to see which teacher their precious children will have.  One mom behind me starting clapping and did what she called a ‘happy dance’ when she saw whose class her daughter was in.  Meanwhile, I am still looking for Kenley’s name. Did they not assign her a class? Did I forget to turn in all the correct registration forms? Is this a sign?
Just when I started to get that sinking feeling in my heart- I see it…  Robinson, Kenley. Whew, she has a teacher after all.
Should I act excited and clap? I look at my friend and tell her Kenley “got” Mrs. S– with a is-that-good-or-bad look on my face. The mom looked at me and said, “girl, that’s the same teacher we got. You better start clapping too ‘cuz you just got the best kindergarten teacher, and you don’t even know it.’
Sure, well…. okay. So I may not have clapped but I did feel my shoulders relax and a feeling of it’s-gonna-be-okay wash over me. Bid Day 2011 turned out to be okay….

Britton checking out the view from her classroom- her window overlooks the playground. Taking it all in.


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