Boone Nee Nee’s

Kenley had a better day at Kindergarten today {whew}- I think slowly but surely she will become acclimated to her new, larger, surrondings.
Britton, on the other hand, is still apprehensive but seems to keep her complaints to herself unless I ask what she thinks. She, too, will be fine I believe – sometimes change takes a little time is all. Particularly if you are a third grader.
Without change, we cannot grow. So this is a good thing for all of us and will build character.

On a completely different note, it’s time for some Boone Nee Nee’s loving. Since SBK has not updated her blog on little bit’s progress, I shall. AB is 8 months old… she and her soon-to-be cousin will be 10 months apart. Just enough space for me to get all of Sara Britton’s cool baby stuff {my loot visited Goodwill years ago}. AB spent Friday afternoon with us, marking the last of our summer days.

Having AB around is a good foreshadow as to how tricky things will be with three kids under this roof. From having a hungry, whiny baby, with two equally hungry {and vocal} children, requiring help with homework, a dog who has peed on the floor, chicken that is burning on the stove, phone that continues to ring, and groceries melting in the car. It’s enough to burn a calorie or two running around {and to get my eye twitching for sure.} It’s a good dress rehearsal and serves as a reminder how important scheduling is- it was imperative when they were babies, and it is equally important with grade school children.
Licking her lips while eyeing Tucker…

Guess who can pull herself up now. All 99% in weight. She gets her thighs from her aunt- I am proud. Time for me to paint her toenails again.

Debating what she wants for dinner… Yogurt, peas, carrots AND a bottle should suffice.

Matt Senior and Matt Jr. We celebrated the night before school with family pizza night.

Mr. R’s long time buddy brought his precious girl over to meet Uncle Mike Saturday morning. What a happy baby! Big Daddy thought this moment required a photograph. Looks quite normal to me.

Mr. R enjoying some R&R last weekend