The Bus Stop

I’m going out on a limb with this post- Britton told me I must delete the below photos, so it will be a quick post before she gets back from Fuzions Yogurt with her Sassy.
It’s a big day……
My baby took the school bus home for the first time.
Of course, Mama Bear and Grand Mama Bear were waiting at the neighborhood bus stop for her {inside the car, per her instructions}. Apparently, this still wasn’t cool enough because Britton then waved us on home and told us she wanted to walk the .45 miles in the 99 degrees by herself, with her blue L.L. Bean backpack rolling behind her.

If only I had my Canon for this moment… iPhone quality will have to suffice

So Sassy, Kenley and I drove 5 mph for 10 minutes while she rolled her way on home.

It was quite funny indeed…. the independent 3rd grader adament that she wanted to walk to the house. Mind you, we found that all the other children lived within 30 yards of the bus stop- so this Mama has already left a message to see if they could drop her off any closer.

 I’m thinking that come October, having both my girls dropped off in front of the house, with baby #3 asleep inside, would be freaking awesome! Hollah.

Incidentally, Britton wasn’t feeling the camera for this monumental moment- preferring to hide from the camera by laying in the neighbors lawn.

Good job baby girl!

Another check.