Fashion Dilema

It’s Friday afternoon and I have the house to myself. Nana and her girls have been to lunch, to the movies and are now in the process of creating finger puppets at Nana and Gan’s house. Market closed up, big daddy headed home to pick me up for an impromptu dinner date and I’d say this weekend is shaping out to be okay……
Have a few random pictures, that didn’t make a cohesive post, so here they are.
Tucker is still Tucking along. She can sit, shake, stay and retrieve. Like the rest of the girls in this house, she adores Mr. R. It must be a real confidence boost to walk into this house at night and have not one but four little girls squeal in delight- Britton, Kenley, Poochie and Tucker. And, to top it all a wife whose heart, after 13 years together, still skips a beat when I hear the garage door open knowing he is home again, home again, never to roam again.

This is one of the shirts Britton’s picked out one her birthday shopping ‘spree’. She’s all about the graphic tee. Let’s Kick it! Lately, her style leans one of two ways: intentional just-got-out-of-bed-look (messy ponytails, leftover PJ top), or tomboy (converse, pony tail only, tshirt). I am cool with whatever style she chooses, honest I am, but I just can’t swallow the whole messy grunge look.

I can’t tell you the number of times I buy, bring home, she disapproves, and I return. If possible, I try to text a photo to her first (on mom’s phone etc) to get the Queen’s yay or nay. 9 times out of 10, it’s a nay.  I ran around gathering more back to school clothes (yes, I am probably going overboard in an attempt to get her excited about changing schools) today, and will likely have to return most of them.
This has put an interesting challenge on back to school shopping. She has been in uniforms that past several years, couple that with three months of summer and now, to her, jeans and a short sleeved shirt are considered too “dressy” for my once bow-wearing, dresses-only gal.
Speaking of the girl who insisted on wearing dresses for the entire Kindergarten school year, I found THIS VIDEO  when on YouTube this week- preacher Britton. I need to figure out a way to move them from YouTube onto something else for prosperity- anyone know how to do this?
CRAFT: Craft days continue in our house- with yesterday’s craft being (drumroll please) Tye Dye. I caved, had to.

Have a great weekend!