First Day of School

It’s a big day at the Robinson house.
Britton is officially a 3rd grader, and Miss Kenley is sitting in her first kindergarten class as I type.
There were a few tears (last minute fear by my Kens), and lots of humidity, waiting, and sweat this morning as we all waited for the first bell to ring. Even the mosquitoes drowned on my french door from all the humidity on the windows. Mr. R walked the girls into school, but when he was drowning in his own sweat by 7:45 in a wool suit, he kissed his girls and we sent him off to the office.
A lot of preparation went into making this morning jive: fingernail painting, fashion decisions, packed lunches, new back packs, school supply shopping, and a last minute pep talk with my oldest at 10:30 pm last night.

Kenley’s kindergarten class walking into their classroom for the first time. What I should have taken a picutre of, was the parents standing outside the classroom boo-hoo’ing.

Britton took her teacher, Mrs. Lawrance, one of her favorite rocks, as a gift. She debated between the rock and a paper airplane. But rock beat paper this time.  She also packed a frame picture of Poochie to show her new friends.  She walked into her classroom like a big girl, all by herself- Mama was clear across on the other side of campus.

Britton came into my room, two hours after she went to bed with a stomach ache and case of nervous diarrhea. I made her some peanut butter toast, but she said she thought she was going to throw up and couldn’t eat. She asked me to come lay with her in her bed, which I did. As we were holding heads underneath her pink flowered quilt, she asked me, “Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in?”
Um… they just to call me Random Landrum.
I gave her an honest answer which was yes, sometimes I do feel that way, but I have to remind myself that other people like me for who I am in, and it’s probably just me thinking I don’t fit in, when I really do “fit in”. I assured her that she would fit in at her new school, and have more friends than she will know what to do.  Any time she was dropped off a camp this summer, she didn’t know anyone the first day and by end of the day, she had made new friends. I also told her that her new school is so big, that the kids won’t even know that she is new. They may think that this cool chic has been there all along, and they are just now lucky enough to meet her!
She said that she felt better with me lying on her bed, talking to her. I rubbed her eyes like I used to when she was a baby, and within a few minutes she feels asleep, lying on her side facing me.
This morning, she awoke at 5:08 am excited and ready for her new adventure. I made the mistake of arriving 35 minutes early, only to wait around in the heat so we won’t be arriving early again, at least not until it cools off.

This afternoon, I bought them each a toy- which is a real treat as I never buy toys  “just because.” I want to reward them for their good attitudes and courage they displayed this morning. It can be scary on the first day of school, especially when you don’t know anyone or even where you are suppose to be going. I think a couple of large Banana Icees is also in order……

Headed out to get them now, can’t wait to see how their first day went….