For the Love of Books

I see Spot run.
Do you see Spot run.
“Silly Spot!” Sally says.
She thinks little Spot is a funny dog.

Our Kenley is a reading machine. Last night, she finished reading a 194 page Dick and Jane book, all by herself. One hundred ninety four pages! You would have thought she had won the presidency based on how proud she was of herself. Her Mama and Daddy were too! Since she got the hang of it- she has just taken off- pronouncing words as she sees them and reading books she has never read before.  She called her grandparents and Dee Dee (a former reading coach) to brag of her latest accomplishment.
“I just read 194 pages of Dick and Jane book!” she would exclaim proudly. She was determined to finish the book by the end of the day, and read to me at the kitchen bar, on the sofa, to Mary and Mr. R when he got home and to sister too. Anyone who would listen, including Poochie and Smurfette. She loves, loves, loves reading. Little sister might just be getting a Nook next!

You Tube video footage FOUND HERE