The Game of Life

Much like the Dow Jones, the girls school week also had some lows but ultimately closed with a high on Friday. 
This set a nice tone for a relaxed, do-nothing, non-tension filled weekend.  Just like the game of Life- which we bought for Britton share at school for Friday’s ‘Game Day’.  Now that they can play board games together, we may be adding several more to our board game shelf collection come October.

They played for literally 1.5 hours until I called them away for supper. Monopoly is next on B’s list.

This is how my outdoors man husband finds entertainment at night in our gated community. Redneck child not included.

Mr. R spent all day today in the 98 degees mowing. weeding and preparing some 4,200 acres of Georgia land for the upcoming hunting season. Doesn’t sound like fun for me on a hot day like today, but the boy loves it. Got to love someone with a real passion.

While Britton was at a friend’s house this afternoon, Kenley and Mommy had a day-long date which included a trip to the Target toy secion, Wendy’s, two boards games, baking strawberry cupcakes, and an afternoon trip to the swimming pool.
We first played Sorry and it was neat to listen to her read the instructions on the playing cards, and then count her little red figurines around the colorful card board. The girl can now play board games- and beat her mama at both rounds. Go Kenley!

She loves this Princess Mattress game that was a big sister hand me down.

Speaking of hand me downs, I am lucky to have fantastic friends who have given me enough clothing for baby boy to be dressed to the nines for a very long time. With 7 weeks to go, I finally planted myself in the nursery for hours today, getting it organized. Photos to follow once it’s completed.
Hanging up is the DDD that is ready to go.

The inside liner.
The bag has 9 custom pockets, 7 on the inside and 2 on the outside.

Covered buttons are a cinch- all this time I had been afraid for no reason. Geez, it’s the resonating lesson of the week.