Happy Anniversary Kenley!

This week marks the fourth year since Kenley’s successful, and life changing, open heart surgery. I am reminded that, second to the Lord watching over her, how lucky we are to have access to insanely talented physicians, skilled pediatric surgeons, top notch hospitals and necessary medications.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord for giving us, and allowing us to keep, this precious little girl who is healthy, happy and so full of life.
Shands Hospital- Gainesville, Florida
Day of discarge- yay!

Kenley listening to her baby’s heart this afternoon with her pretend stethoscope. She is infatuated with her dolls lately, pushing them around the house in the stroller, feeding them, asking me to babysit them while she sits on the potty.

Hug your babies today- be it a baby doll or child. They all deserve a hug.

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    I get so choked up everytime I see or think about your sweet BABY going through what she went through. The picture of her with all of the equitment really puts a hard, fat lump in my throat. I can remember talking to SBKJ after the surgery and hearing a nervous “break” in her voice that I had never heard before. However, what truly gets me about the whole situation is your strength, Garrett. It is inspiring and aweing. I simply look at pictures of your baby and can feel my eyes start to sting. I cannot start to imagine what you went through…and yet, you did it. With strength and grace, much less. You are my hero. I will send up a very special thank you to Him tonight, not only for your sweet Kenley, but for the influence you and your strength have had on my life as a momma.