Hump Day

See all the possibilities of punk gloves?

They can make you into a real-life-Rock-Star!

Please give it up for lead guitarist Britton {wild applause}
On drums, Kenley Garrett {more roaring}
Back up singers Tucker and Poochie not pictured.

Summer nights mean runs to PetSmart to buy, let’s say it together, holistic dog food for Daddy’s youngest princess “Tucker.” Mr. R is so convinced of the benefits of ‘all natural’ Blue Buffalo dog food that even 2 year old Poochie Mama is getting converted to dry food. I’ve been preaching organic food {particularly dairy} for years, but it takes an English Cocker puppy to make a believer out of him.
And I’m okay with that because… today, I joined Costco. Probably one of the last to join, but boy do they have a lot of organic choices for lunchboxes. Holy Toledo! Organic chocolate milk, clear G2 Gatorade {no aritifical colors or flavors}, Aunt Annies organic gummy snacks, individual bags of vegetable chips… okay, so you may not care to hear my entire grocery cart inventory but it was an exciting day for me all because of Costco. Oh- they have Hannah Anderson footed pajamas just in…. Super cute with fall around the corner.
Last night, after begging me for a package of 40 plastic, Lee Press On Nails at Walgreens, they agreed on a package of Nail Art crazy looking stickers. This would fall into the same category of punk gloves— which is please let them a) lose the Piggly Wiggly cashier nail stickers or b) forget they are on the top shelf of my bathroom closet.  Will this, um… interesting taste continue? Can’t wait to see what the teenage years will bring if so.

Britton and I love to watch TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” and “What Not to Wear”  so we can weigh in with our choices. She has been asking me about my wedding dress lately so we pulled it out from under my bed. Although it is in an air tight box, they got a kick out of looking at it; as of now, they said they both want to wear it one day. In the far, distant future.
I’m sure they’ll need to add a flouresent green zebra print sash first.

And finally, this sight made me laugh out loud tonight. Went to kiss Kenley good night just now {final round}, and Britton had affixed this “Hug Me” sign to her back with scotch tape. Remember the “kick me” signs we secretly hung on people’s backs in the 80’s? This made me laugh out loud and waddle quickly to the kitchen to grab my camera and do a quick lens change. Is it just me, or is that pretty freakin’ funny? Britton is quite the character.