Recycling Gratefulness

Chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, toot, toot.
The backwards countdown, less than 9 weeks, has begun. That’s 53 day to be precise.
As I was lying in bed last night, I commented to Mr. R just how “easy” this pregnancy has been, comparatively. In reality, it’s been the best pregnancy of all five. Well, I should have known better than to say something like that out loud.
After a minor scare this morning, everything is fine, (I repeat, F.I.N.E)- I am ever more grateful for this bouncing, kicking, head down baby boy.
It’s easy to get caught up in the complaining-about-this-and-that-because-it’s-hot-and-I-am-large, but truth be told- after a sigh of relief I am, once again, more grateful than ever that baby #3 is healthy and here. With a predictable 153 heart beat today, constant movements, and a recent ultrasound profile picture, I am getting more excited for the day when we get to see our son for the first time, and hold him in our arms.

I did manage to get a recent ultrasound photo today out of the deal, showing us his little profile. To be honest, when people show me these photos, they usually creep me out a little, but since he now looks like a normal baby, it’s pretty cool. If you squint your eyes and look closely, you can see a forehead, nose and chin. Not that it looks any different from another kid’s forehead, nose and chin…. Not yet at least.

Britton attended a morning pottery camp this morning from 9-1 where she made a horse-painted plate and beach scene painted tile- to be glazed and heated in the kiln later this week.

My mother’s day gift has managed to grow beautifully in the heat and humidity found on our back porch.

I am running low in my craft supply stash- and truthfully, over it. I can only entertain my children for so many months. They school they attended last year, released a week before most other schools. Their new school, starts a week later, which means two weeks of extra summer. Whopee. Notice there is no exclamation point.

This is what happens when creative kids can’t sleep. When I went in to kiss her goodnight (second round- the one where you know they are asleep but want to make sure they are still breathing before you can comfortably close your eyes) I found this. Creativity at its finest.

Architecting even bigger buildings this afternoon. 

Nothing like a good ol’ fashion game of Pick Up Sticks.