Road Trip

We needed to get out of the house. I mean, we really needed a change of scenery. Having the carpets cleaned yesterday was the perfect reason to spend the afternoon in Havana. We picked up Sassy, McDonalds for the kids, and jumped on the interstate for our daytime adventure.

Arrive at destination and little did we know that the small town of Havana closes down on Monday and Tuesdays. That meant to antique stores, no restaurants and no promised ice cream parlors for Britton and Kenley. But there’s always window shopping, as Sassy showed her granddaughters.
So we got back on the interstate, headed back home and found our favorite local sandwich shop. This was my friend to the right of me, who spent the entire 50 minutes during lunch on her Nintendo DSi. Good conversation- no. Well behaved- yes.

And to my left…..

Favorite lunch spot {Micky’s} overlooking the lake.

We then stopped by to see Meme who got herself a new Yorkie puppy yesterday. I love this photo because this is where Meme is 80% of the time when we make an impromptu visit. Laid out on the couch, legs propped up. Sometimes she may even have scotch tape in between her eyes to “prevent wrinkles”. If you’ve ever seen my Meme, it might just make a believer out of you.

Meet 2 pound Rosie. Isn’t she cute?

I sware Meme loves her dogs more than her grandchildren, even though she denies it. Looks like Rosie is smitten on her new Mama too.

Britton, our dog whisperer.

Sweet Mazelle was in town for a visit- Meme’s oldest and dearest friend.

Now she can sew. Take note.

Four generations of Landrums hanging out this afternoon. One of the many perks of living in the same town. Hanging out on a Tuesday. Just a regular ol’ Tuesday.

 Kenley teaching Dee-Dee the latest iPad game.

We rounded out our little Tuesday with a visit from our favorite 9 month old- Allie Booners, with her new little tooth.

{29 weeks}

Keep on practicing Kenley- you have just over 9 weeks and you already got the hang of it! I think the girl was meant to be a big sister.