Sweat Therapy

Having had enough school talk for a while, Britton decided she needed to have some fun despite the heat yesterday afternoon. In lieu of a pool, she turned on the irrigation system, pulled out some old pool floats she found in the garage, sported her pink polka dot bikini and turned the front yard into her own playground.
Kenley, in true Kenley fashion, followed suit.

It was fun watching these two smile and make an effort to continue to suck the last bit of summer out of their August.  Kenley continues to ask me why she is having school in the summer….

Britton had a bit of a melt down last night. I think the combonation of a different, larger school coupled with the pending arrival of a new baby sent her into a bit of a tail spin- understandbly so.
To hear you child cry and say “I hate my school. I don’t have any friends. It’s so big I can’t find my classroom. I want to go back to my old school.” is enough to absolutely break my heart. Mike asked who it was she didn’t like, and she replied, “I don’t even know their names. I know nobody.”
She was crying in her bedroom and I was crying in the family room- unable to even soothe her until I could pull myself together. Her daddy was left with the task of trying to console her.
I felt like I had let her down somehow. 
Man, it doesn’t matter what it is, a big problem or a little problem, to know your child’s heart is breaking is like double the pain of having your own heart hurt. It was the first time I have ever seen her truly broken hearted.
Thankfully, tomorrow is another day. And so it was. After emailing her teacher (and receiving a quick response back), walking her to her class this morning, planning  specific meeting location at the pick up address, and a good dose of Art Class at school, she had a much better day today, even dare I say it- made a friend in her class!
I know in the scheme of things, this is small stuff. Really I do. The big things are parents that have lost a child, have children battling real disease, but the pain transends to us all when our children are anything less than happy.

Kenley said she had a “great day” in Kindergarten as was excited about her art class and the treasure box come Friday. She may have even had a little skip in her step after school. It’s tough to bring this girl down.
Time.  Change takes time. This is my new manttra.
And today, I saw it evolve into truth.

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    Hey Brooke-
    Thank you- I rarely go back and read them but know I will one day.

    I’ve used Blog to Print the past several years, but plan to shop around this year and find one that prints the photos larger. I feel like there is a lot of white space on the pages. The covers are cute though.

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    This makes me sad! I am scared to dealth to send mine off to school one day…I know its coming but wow, sending them off without my “protection” is going to be hard. You are so right to say, change takes time. It does.

    Love your blog entries–you are doing a great job and your girls are precious:) Where do you print your books? I am really disappointed at the company Ive beem printing mine from