TGIF- finally.
The stock market tumbled, the heat index hit an all time high and I, for one, am ready for the weekend.

We’ve spent many a days this summer doing this… i-Padding. It may be a toss up as to who loves the Apple products the most in this house.

Britton’s Art Camp concluded this week with an Art Show at 4:30 this afternoon. She displayed her 4 favorite pieces for me to view, and walked out with a ‘portfolio’ tucked under her arm. The girl has some talent.  It appears her gloves did the trick too, as she made many friends.

See, I am not exaggerating about the temperature down here.

Day 68 of Robinson Girls Summer Camp Continues…  Today they created artwork inspired by the artist Gustav Klimt {idea found HERE}. Britton really wants to tie-dye a shirt but I am trying to thwart that project off a little longer.

As cooking class winds down, Britton is helping me prepare several more meals. Tonight was tasty Chicken Parmesan from the cookbook A Thyme to Celebrate. Delicious {and very easy with minimal ingredients}! My hypothesis is working so far: If Britton helps to cook, she will eat the food. Score.

Tucker got her nightly exercise with her walk– well, kind of. Mr. R drives the golf cart while Tucker jogs along. Shame, shame. So long as I can stay in the AC with my stretched abdomen, I really don’t care.

Here’s to the weekend!


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