The Homestretch with Baby #3 {3rd Trimester}

Okay, according to the Internet the third trimester begins at week #26 and ends at, well… week #40. We’ll see how far along I get…
Seeing that Kenley was induced 10 days early {@ 38.5 weeks} and came out weighing a hefty 8 lbs 13.5 oz, I, for one, don’t want to push out 10 pounder on October 24th. My wonderful OB has agreed to induce me as early as 38 weeks based on my previous baby’s birth weight {thank you Kenley!} and an ultrasound confirming his size. So long as his heart and lungs are developed, the sooner the better for this Mama. This summer heat was enough to send me to the crazy house. I guess I can complain, I’ve been pregnant since January afterall.

My friend Courtney still complains that I don’t have my online account- so here you go Coco. You can see the documentation of Yours Truly getting plumper by the week.

We have nursery done, infant seat here, baby bag packed for the hospital, and grandmas on standby. All this means really, is that he isn’t going to come early. Had I not been prepared, he would have been here by now. And so it goes…

Week 26….
You can now hear my voice….

27 weeks….
You can open and shut your sweet little eyes, and even suck your itty bitty thumb.

Week 28…
You weigh over 2 pounds- no wonder I feel like there’s a bowling ball inside me.

Week 29…
Holy cow! You weigh over 2 1/2 pounds now, big boy {and big mama}!

Week 30…
You’ve officially given me heartburn…
Week 31….
You weigh 3 1/2 pounds and are getting ready to hit a growth spurt. Say what?!
Week 32
The maternal-fetal specialist {Dr. Hume} said you weigh 4.5 pounds now, based on your ultrasound. And your heart still looks beautiful!
Week 33
Okay, I am excited and all but now this is just plain wrong to get much bigger….

Week 34
You are measuring 35 weeks at the doctor’s office and your heartbeat is always consistently loud at 153 beats. Thankfully Courtney showed up in the nick of time with more maternity clothes, since I have about outgrown everything else.  You measure 35 weeks at the doctor’s appointment this week. Induction date set for Monday, October 17th, 2011!

Week 35
I feel you move on my hips, kicking in my sternum, and twisting your hands way down below… How much bigger can you possibly get inside of me? The “books” {okay, so I don’t own any pregnany books anymore but I subscribe to a weekly email} say you are 6 lbs now, but I would be willing to bet that you are much larger than that- especially if you are anything like your sister Kenley.

36 weeks
Measuring 39 weeks- ouch. Your heartbeat is 159 and you like to get me excited with 2:00 am contractions that stop as quickly as they started. Dr. D thinks you weigh about 6.5 lbs.


I can see it now— 60 years down the road, Kenley will sit on a bar stool, with a sequin purse and a cigarette dangling from the corner of her mouth, playing slots in Vegas until the wee hours of the morning.
The girl loves a good gamble. A game machine in the middle of the mall is perfect for a 5 year old. Dig through that change purse Kens!

We went to the mall the weekend to see Dolphin Tale and the rip-off-but-kids-love-them-stuffed-animal machine was calling her name. That’s when accessorizing is a good thing, as she always has her matching purse and change filled wallet in hand.

Luckily for her, this is her Daddy’s speciality.

This takes some serious concentration.  Take note girls.

Britton watches from the sidelines in hopes that the striped tiger will soon be hers.

Back to the car we go….. on the next adventure.

We broke out the Halloween decorations a little early this fall. If I push things forward than possibly baby will arrive early too….

The countdown begins… about 2 1/2 weeks to go, but whose counting?

Looking forward {not backwards} to what October brings…

Sisterly Love

In case you are wondering what it looks like to be 36 weeks pregnant, but measuring 39 weeks instead- here you go.

By the end of this week- it will be October. October! This means baby boy is so close to becoming a hold-him-in-my-arms baby boy that I can hardly stand it. I even bought milk this week that expires after his due date. I’ve been looking forward to that since July.

In the meantime, the girls are enjoying their last bit of September by spending time with each other.

Nail art by Britton….

Fingers are swollen and too fat to type much– happy Tuesday!

Beyond Ourselves

In an attempt to expose my girls to a world beyond their own, we spent Saturday morning at a community service project at our church. It was ‘extravagent giving’ clothing outreach where we gave away free clothing (infant through mens) to those in the community.
I was careful to preface it by explaining that they would see children and adults that are less fortunate than they are… some may not have homes, cars, money, family, or the means to purchase new clothing. 
They seemed to take it all in, asked a few questions, but within the hour were walking up to children and helping them find clothes which were sorted on the many tables.
Britton walked up to one little boy and said, “I wear a medium. You look like you wear a medium too. How about this shirt?” as she held it up to him.
*Photos courtesy of our pastor

It was a humbling experience indeed. A mother, who looked about my age, arrived with her two precious little girls. She was very thin, and looked to be sick. Her girls, were about the same ages as mine–although while Kenley sported the latest pink Mary Jane crocs, her daughter walked in barefoot. Barefoot. She was very nice, and was looking for warm clothes for her girls- we sorted through the remaining clothes, but the plethora of clothing that took the volunteers days to sort, was quick to make it into the shopping bags and by then didn’t have quite the selection as the aisles of Target.
I wondered where they went when they left with their bags, literally walking barefoot down the sidewalk- since most people arrived today arrived on foot.  And here I had worried that parking might be a problem- how naive.

Later in the morning, a little girl, about Kenley’s age, selected a t-shirt to put in her plastic shopping bag, and Kenley looked at her and said, “That’s not for you, that’s for the homeless.”
Pulling her aside, I reminded her that we are not to use that word, nor are we to ask anyone if they are homeless. She nodded obediently, and skipped away to continue her mission of bedazzling the church volunteer’s name tags.  I think she was curious what ‘homelesness’ looked like, trying to see if she could decipher who was, and who was not… literally.
Britton, like her Sassy, had yet to met a stranger and seemed oblivious to the material, and social, gaps in those that surrounded her this morning. 
As we left the church, I am reminded that I need to make it a point, to continue to expose my children {myself included} to those less fortunate so they can give back to society, and have a heart filled with compassion.

Confessions of a Horrible Mother

I was trying to think of an appropriate title for today’s post. Maybe “I’m a Jerk” or “Rattled with Remorse” or… “The Mom, the Monster.”
I’ll own it- although not proud, I’ll admit when I am wrong. I was wrong. Baby girl was sick. Not with head lice, not with a UTI, but she is definitely sick.
I was on the phone with my friend Anna yesterday afternoon- we typically chat every day on her drive home from her pediatric practice. I told her the story of Britton’s antics and we were laughing- when Britton tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to take her temperature again.
Still on the phone, I ask “Dr. Anna” if I should worry. She said yes- that she didn’t like the combination of a headache, a sore neck and a fever- those are signs of meningtis, which I should know since Kenley was hospitalized with meningitis as a baby.  Of course, her office was closed at this point, so off to the walk in clinic we went- smack dab in the middle of dinner, in hopes of a positive strep or mono test, and NOT a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) at the hospital to rule out viral meningitis {that is apparently going around- who knew}
Long story short, negligent Mom was told that swollen-gland child has strep for the 4th time in 9 months. We now have our latest antibiotic, heirloom quilt, peanut butter cup ice cream, and unlimited TV for the next 24 hours.
I’m not sure who feels worse, Britton or Mama…….

Britton thought the sticker on her forehead was cool….. so she wore it while she enjoyed her 10:30 am lunch in bed…