Better late than….

I am 18 months behind, despite my good intentions. 
When Britton was 4 years old, my amazingly talented cousin Katie created an oil painting of her- it was Mr. R’s Christmas gift.  I intended, there’s that word again, to have Kenley’s portrait done when she turned 4 years old. Well, it’s now September 7th and she is officially 5 years and 6 months, and well….  Miss B is the only reigning princess on our living room walls, still.
Not for long……  I sat little Miss #2 down in the same dining room mahogany chair, wearing the same white pillowcase dress, for her round of photos. As part of my full nesting mode, I’d like to have her painting started before baby baboon #3 arrives. Poor little guy, I probably won’t get around to his portrait until middle school, if he’s lucky.