The Fallen Limb

Nothing makes a Sassy happier than having all of her “poodles” under one roof. She was granted her wish on Monday with a day full of standard poodles, miniature poodles, and one teacup poodle. We let the “mutts” come too- after all they are good for breeding!  Just over 5 weeks until Sassy’s first Labordoodle will arrive on the scene.

Following in her father’s footsteps, it’s “Sit Down Sunday” for Allie Boone and her favorite {and only} cousins. Snugged on their Sassy and Pops’s bed on a rainy Labor Day, with an endless supply of NetFlix movies- these girls had to be pried off come evening. To me, it’s like looking at a miniature Mike, Sara Britton and Garrett. Only sweeter.

I spoke too soon, because Tropical Storm Lee showed us his toes by tearing down trees and limbs all over town, including in Sassy and Pops’ backyard. In Britton’s world, this means trying to resurrect the limb so it can begin rebirth.


Allie Boone just takes it all in. Either that, or she is thinking about her next meal time.

The handsome hubs.. if there was a thought cloud here it would likely say something along the lines of “What are we going to do with three kids?”
Guess we will find out soon enough…..