Fear of Falling

Over the past several years, Britton has fallen in love with horse back riding. She loves the animals, the outdoors, the tack, the smell, everything about it. Last December, she fell/was thrown from a pony. At the time, yes- it shook her up but little girl got back on that pony and rode.

She is having a bit of a hard time mentally, advancing in her riding lessons. She wants to continue to trot around the ring, week after week. Don’t get me wrong, as her Mom, a slow trot, without jumps, sounds great to me. But, for a teacher trying to teach a student to overcome fear, her instructor feels she needs to advance, little by little. Afterall, isn’t that the whole point of taking “lessons”- to learn?
When Mr. R and I approached this subject at dinner last night, it set off some tears from our oldest child- telling us that she hadn’t wanted to disclose to us that she is fearful of jumping and cantering- because she doesn’t want to give up riding.
Mr. R explained to hear, I thought, a great analogy in this put-on-the-spot parenting moment. He told her that learning at her lessons, is equivalent to having a teacher that teaches you the alphabet. You learn the alphabet, and so now the teacher wants to teach you how to write the alphabet in cursive, and form words from the alphabet— but you are having so much fun singing the alphabet song, that you don’t want to learn anything else. I saw her looking up at her Daddy, listening to his every word and taking it all in. She understands, but that doesn’t mean she is ready.

She wiped her tears and reiterated how scared she has been, because she wants to keep riding. Mr. R assured her that she could continue to ride horses occassionally, but this may be as far as she wants to take it with lessons, if she doesn’t want to try new things. We also reassured her that should she continue lessons, to remember that her teacher cares about her, and would never put her in an unsafe situation, etc.  What’s a parent to do? An admittedly over-protective parent at that.  I don’t want my chld to be a quitter, especially when she loves something, but at the same time we have to gently nudge her forward.
I don’t know want what will happen with Britton and her love of horses. Facing your fear head on is never easy, and I don’t want to push her- especially if she isn’t comfortable or doesn’t feel safe. If something were to happen while riding, I would never forgive myself. But, on the same token, she doesn’t want to give up something she loves because she is fearful of advancing.
Sometimes the answers don’t come over a Rotini and Garlic-Herb Balsamic Chicken dinner….


On Sunday, the 3rd grade class was presented with Bibles. Britton has not put her new Bible down, literally, in two days. She used my Bible to look up some of my favorite scriptures, in her bible. And then proceeded to highlight some of her favorite verses as she reads from the Old Testament. I even found it in her backpack yesterday afternoon, where she must have taken it to school to read during the day.

Preacher Britton…..

Mr. R bought our quickly expanding family a new, safer, toy. Bye bye dangerous 4-wheeler and our lovely Club Car… hello seat belt equipped, roll bar installed, family of 5 friendly Polaris. The girls dig it- camo and all.

It’s the suburban of the golf cart and 4-wheeler world. Are we red or what?

We’ve implemented a new reward system in our house… .10 cents for every chore. If Mama has to remind them twice, it doesn’t count.  Kenley, being my competitive child, loves earning points and keeps constant score. I’ve explained it’s not a competition, rather a way to make more money, the harder they work. Just like the real world.

Kenley jumped at the opportunity to get the mail yesterday, literally tearing down the driveway.

Point for me! She’s probaly doing the tally in her head now.

Sunday afternoon… on the kitchen floor with quilts and iPads. Check out the Jiffy feet – Aunt B would be proud.

Kenley dressed herself today with her glitter belt and new suede shoes.

Britton imitating me… this kid doesn’t miss a beat.

We’ve been working hard to get our bug bites healed…. bug spray every morning.

Poochie prefers to watch  Tucker from higher grounds, as she is often times mistaken for a bird.

Kenley called her Daddy this afternoon to ask him if he would take off her training wheels. She said, “I am ready to take them off Daddy. Can you buy me some elbow pads?”
She is in love with her Daddy.