The Homestretch with Baby #3 {3rd Trimester}

Okay, according to the Internet the third trimester begins at week #26 and ends at, well… week #40. We’ll see how far along I get…
Seeing that Kenley was induced 10 days early {@ 38.5 weeks} and came out weighing a hefty 8 lbs 13.5 oz, I, for one, don’t want to push out 10 pounder on October 24th. My wonderful OB has agreed to induce me as early as 38 weeks based on my previous baby’s birth weight {thank you Kenley!} and an ultrasound confirming his size. So long as his heart and lungs are developed, the sooner the better for this Mama. This summer heat was enough to send me to the crazy house. I guess I can complain, I’ve been pregnant since January afterall.

My friend Courtney still complains that I don’t have my online account- so here you go Coco. You can see the documentation of Yours Truly getting plumper by the week.

We have nursery done, infant seat here, baby bag packed for the hospital, and grandmas on standby. All this means really, is that he isn’t going to come early. Had I not been prepared, he would have been here by now. And so it goes…

Week 26….
You can now hear my voice….

27 weeks….
You can open and shut your sweet little eyes, and even suck your itty bitty thumb.

Week 28…
You weigh over 2 pounds- no wonder I feel like there’s a bowling ball inside me.

Week 29…
Holy cow! You weigh over 2 1/2 pounds now, big boy {and big mama}!

Week 30…
You’ve officially given me heartburn…
Week 31….
You weigh 3 1/2 pounds and are getting ready to hit a growth spurt. Say what?!
Week 32
The maternal-fetal specialist {Dr. Hume} said you weigh 4.5 pounds now, based on your ultrasound. And your heart still looks beautiful!
Week 33
Okay, I am excited and all but now this is just plain wrong to get much bigger….

Week 34
You are measuring 35 weeks at the doctor’s office and your heartbeat is always consistently loud at 153 beats. Thankfully Courtney showed up in the nick of time with more maternity clothes, since I have about outgrown everything else.  You measure 35 weeks at the doctor’s appointment this week. Induction date set for Monday, October 17th, 2011!

Week 35
I feel you move on my hips, kicking in my sternum, and twisting your hands way down below… How much bigger can you possibly get inside of me? The “books” {okay, so I don’t own any pregnany books anymore but I subscribe to a weekly email} say you are 6 lbs now, but I would be willing to bet that you are much larger than that- especially if you are anything like your sister Kenley.

36 weeks
Measuring 39 weeks- ouch. Your heartbeat is 159 and you like to get me excited with 2:00 am contractions that stop as quickly as they started. Dr. D thinks you weigh about 6.5 lbs.