Labor-less Day Weekend

Football games, hunting and temperatures sliding under 97 degrees.
Fall is near folks.
This three day holiday weekend was precisely what our crew needed.  A nice divider to the hectic week and upcoming commencement of 7 different year-long after school activities. The calm before the storm.
Tropical Storm Lee left us well enough alone. While Britton partied with her Aunt Britty at the FSU tailgate on Saturday, Kenley had us parents all to herself. We asked her what she wanted to do on her ‘special day’. Her first request, Chuck E Cheese, was quickly vetoed by an 8 month pregnant and germ-phobic mom. The next best thing on her list…. drive to the Gulf Coast.

So to the coast we went.

Our soon to be middle child was ioverjoyed yesterday with a Mom and Dad all to herself, Tucker and Poochie running along the beach, the salty gulf water washing over her, and seafood sandwiches by the sea.

Picture the scene in the movie Marley and Me when Marley goes to the dog beach and is released from his leash, for the first time, running free. That was Tucker- the first time at a beach, with sea gulls, wind and waves, she ran and ran and swam after the birds along the seaweed coastline. At one point, Mr. R was afraid his beloved puppy might just swim out to sea, intent on her mission to catch a sea gull, never to return. 

The kickoff of football season marks the beginning of a new wreath for the front door.
And a win for our home team.

Decked in garnet and gold, Britton socialized at the tailgated in the warmer temperatures for several hours. Just as she was getting warmed up, no punn intended, it was time to head home. She desperatly wanted to attend the game- maybe next time Miss thang.

Saturday also meant an impromptu photo shoot for this 9 month old gal.

This has to be my favorite picture of the weeked- with Poochie’s long pink tongue just kissing away.
Sadly, AB is loving every minute of it.

Another week of Firsts….
Britton went on her first dove hunt with her Daddy on Sunday (Tucker’s first too). Even with the downpouring of rain, mosquitoes, heat, and long afternoon of sitting in the field, she loved it. Loved it. The child was even excited to clean and defeather the 11 birds they brought home. Is she my child?
Mr. R said she adored every bit of it– she was out in the rain, didn’t complain, all smiles all day long. He told her she would remember this day for the rest of her life.
She came in the house tonight and said, “Mama, it was everything I thought it would be!”

Meanwhile Kenley and I decided to browse the isles of the bookstore. She could have spent a couple of hours just admiring all the books, sounding out the titles, and peering at the colorful illustrations. Eventually she made her selection of three princess books.

Our Aunt Coco made an impromptu visit home, so we were able to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon at her Mom’s matress store visiting. This was her first road trip without her little Downing- and suprisingly, this Mama was doing just fine. A vibrating bed is now on Kenley’s Christmas list.

Afterwards, our quick {in-town} bathroom stop at Sassy and Pops house turned into a 5 hour stay- thanks to the presence of AB and a thunderstorm.

Sitting at Sassy’s make up station is a highlight for this cosmetic loving girl. I heard Sassy walk back into her bathroom and say to her grandchild, “What is Sassy’s only rule?”

Kenley responded, “We can’t look like a harlet.”

Oh, my goodness. What’s a girl to do?

The funny faces and bright red lip stick make for a perfect wind down to a laborless day.

Slowing moving along to 33 weeks (well, tomorrow is technically week #33 but I think it’s only fair to round up the weeks at this point– and round down the pounds).
42 days left… give or take a few.

Friday is spirit day at the girl’s school- of course only one child would allow her mama to sew anything peppy  in honor of these days. I made her a shamrock (mascot) inspired tiered ruffled skirt. Took me a little longer than usual because the piping measurement was wrong on the pattern- I have enough trouble with measurements as it is, without the pattern being incorrect, but eventually got it figured out and it fits this now beanpole quite nice.
Britton thought it was pretty cool (we sewed together last weekend so she watched the entire process from start to finish) but is still on strike when it comes to showing school spirit. She said she may eventually get me to make one, but wants to think about it…. ok darlin’, I still think you will come around.
Until then, Sass a frass with enjoy hers.

T’was a fun weekend for us all.
And it ain’t even over yet….