New Hair-Do

Someone in our house has a little more sas in their step tonight… thanks to Kenley’s new haircut.
Sassy bribed her this afternoon with a Target trip if she would let her take K to the  beauty parlor, otherwise known as Great Clips.
Voila- I bring you Spunky Gal.
Try as we might to let her hair grow out, the kid is a ‘short hair gal’. With a head in the 99%, what you gonna do…
Recent Kenley’ism- As she and Sassy were leaving our house this afternoon, Target bound, hand-in-hand, Kens looked up to Sassy with that skip in her step and said, “Sassy, what is my budget today?!”
Her Daddy, the CFP, would be proud.
Sweet Sassy went shopping with me this afternoon to buy some last minute items for the baby’s nursery (I mostly waddled behind her while she threw things in the cart)- then came home and put the whole dang room together for me- while I lay on the couch with the oh-so fun contractions that tease me throughout the day.
Once I get some new blinds in, add some last minute art work that the girls are doing, the room will be D.O.N.E. With Sassy’s magic wand today, the room has really come together.
Mr. R walked into the office tonight, while I was on the computer, and stopped at the doorway and said, “I got a little tear tonight when I saw the nursery– the old duck decal, the painting of the little boy fishing– it all looks so good.”
I think it hit him that we are going to have a baby.
I suppose when you can’t feel a baby somersaulting in your stomach, and don’t have the predictable heartburn, or put on twenty thirty pounds, the closet tangible thing a Father has is his little boy’s bedroom.
So now you see it sweetie.
Pictures to follow once everything is “just so” for this OCD Mom.
And just so I have it on record- I’m 34 weeks now but baby boy measured 35 weeks today, so.. we are on the books for an induction on Monday, October 17th. However, if I continue to measure large, another ultrasound will be ordered on October 12th with a possible induction on October 13th or 14th. We don’t want this baby coming too soon, nor do I particularly wish to push out a ten pound baby. I tend to grow them fast, so I, for one, will go on record, that I think the baby will come on his own in about three weeks or sooner.  We shall see. I also predicted the first two babies were boys, and this one was a girl, so what do I know?