The pressure is on- both in my belly and to finish baby boy’s nursery.  With weeks to go, I am glad to say that there is a big check mark by ‘finish nursery’ on my seemingly never ending to-do list.
I think it is a room that he will be able to grow into, and make his outdoor-loving Daddy proud.

The rocker was mine when I was little- found some leftover sample paint I had and took it from white to grey-ish beige.  The leather footstool doubles as a diaper/wipe storage bin. I had the rocking chair pads made from khaki striped fabric I found at JoAnnes.

The same changing table I used for both my girls- updated with a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams paint.

These are antique wildlife prints I found in Atlanta and moved them from our office walls because we needed something here with a little more color.

This painting was done by Sassy long before baby boy was a twinkle in our thoughts. It now hangs above his crib.

Great Aunt Dee Dee gave baby boy this adorable hand-made teddy bear. He sits in an antique chair that was in my childhood home. I used the same jute fabric {from the curtains} to recover the cushion.

Mom had a brilliant idea, I thought. We had the girls create a picture for their baby brother, and matted them in more leftover 100% Jute fabric. Their “gift” to their baby brother hangs above his changing table– watching over him.

The 7 smiley faces on Britton’s artwork (left) and 7 hearts on Kenley’s (right) represent each member in our family- counting the K9s. It’s hard to see in this photograph. They took great pride in their creations.

Where the Wild Things Are book will probably be quite appropiate. Aunt Coco gave him the “R” long ago because she knew her best friend can always sneak some gold into a room.

Baby boy has his Grand Daddy Boone’s antique duck decoy sitting on this shelf that Mom found in Havana.  Though he may not get to meet his grandson, I will make sure that baby boy hears all the great stories about his “Daddy Boone”- who would be over the moon at the thought of a boy in the family.

The christening gown has been worn for the past 3 generations in the Landrum family- it is over 60 years old. It is my tradition to hang it in every baby’s nursery until they are baptized.

Some of my old books as a child- the font screams 1970’s.

I couldn’t bring myself to create a juvenile themed nursery, instead opting for fabric that he can continue to use as he gets older. Don’t think Mr. R would have been thrilled having custom curtains remade in two years so these can remain in his room for much longer. I like that the roughness of the jute added texture, and by lining them it creates some privacy as well.

I have some woven blinds on order- which is the very last thing left to do in this room. I think…..

Every little boy, I’m told, needs a wooden train set that he can toddle around. For safekeeping, it is resting atop the bookshelf temporarily.

Sadly, now all three of my children have more clothing than their Mama. Even one that hasn’t made it out of the womb yet. Where is the fairness in that?

Britton loves the Tonka trucks- which I must say, is probably the first time I have ever even touched one.

Oh, I just remembered one more thing we need- shelves for his closet to organize toys and such. See, I knew I couldn’t be done yet.

Aunt Holly gave him a monogrammed pillow, and Nana gave him his official “blanky” the day she found out she was having a grandson.

What you can’t see in this photo is the high tech video monitor that Mr. R was truly excited to hang up last night. He doesn’t typically “volunteer” for home maintenance projects, but boy did he jump at the chance to see how this thing worked. We are set to go- and we will be watching.

Found all the woven baskets at JoAnnes and Michaels Craft Stores.

My sweet friend Ali let me borrow her crib, since my white sleigh crib bit the dust several years ago. Though I was told it wasn’t hard to make a bumper pad, and even printed out instructions to do so, had someone make all his bedding.

I bought the houndstooth fabric {ties} on sale, not knowing what I would use it for. It turned out to compliment the toile well and I had enough to cover the footstool {for the girls to use to peek into the crib} and make oversized ties for the bumper pad. The bumper pad is a really soft cotton I found at JoAnnes. See hubby, I too, can work on a budget!

The bookshelf originally looked a little boring against the Sherwin Williams ‘Kilim Beige’ walls, so I painted it with some leftover Benjamin Moore colored paint I found in the garage {same color as my kitchen walls}. 


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