September 11, 2011

With the inundation of 9/11 footage replaying on the television sets at our house today, I felt it was a good time to edit the photographs from our weekend. A happy, innocent time of picking cotton, trying to shoot wild hogs, and eating some good ol’ country food.
Exhibit A- the sunset Friday night. Mind you, our little red neck family was packed in my SUV with binoculars hoping to see what we could see. Britton found deer tracks, and Big Daddy saw a pack of about 30 wild, dark hogs running through the food plots. We were a happy redneck little Georgia family.

Hello Steam Mill Plantation….

This is the view from the front of the plantation. Like being back in time.

Sunset wildlife walk with Mr. R and his little girls. I have a photo similar to this, taken in 1991 with my Dad, sister and myself overlooking Colorado.

Mike, Sr. and Mike, Jr. tended to some work on the property, while Kenley and I hung at the house yesterday.


Kenley loves taking photos of her Mama… Too bad Mama doesn’t share this same love of these photos.

33 weeks

I must admit, ol’ Tucker has started growing both me and the girls. She loves nothing more than being in the fields with her Daddy, sniffing out a bird and running and fetching.

Picking a little cotton to give to Britton’s new “friend” Matthew, and to both of their teachers.

Mr. R gave Kenley her first pair of binoclars this weekend. She loves them!

And this one loves cotton!

Daddy explained the process of how cotton grows.

I laid in bed last night,  watching Britton read to her little sister for not ten, but thirty minutes. I knew, at that moment, that this is one of those memories that if I were no longer here, I would really miss.
Every now and then, not very often, I recognize the preciousness of a sliver in time, and actually stop what I am doing to breathe it all in.