Who’s Counting?

This morning Kenley woke up only to realize that he sassy hair do was still, well…  too short for her taste.
She started carrying on that she didn’t like her new haircut, looked like a boy, didn’t want to go to school until it grew back, etc.  Needless to say, we arrvied at school nonetheless. While we waited outside her classroom, she continued to “hide” behind the tree near her classroom so her friends couldn’t see her when they arrived from the playground {eventually she will play on the playground with the other 160 kindergartners in the mornings}.
Time to break out the big guns.
Turning around to face her, I said, “Kenley, I want to make a bet with you. I bet that you will get at least 10 compliments today on your new haircut. Your job is to keep track- I’m trusting you to be honest. I think you will get lots of compliments, but if you get at least ten compliments, I will buy you a pack of bubble gum after school.”
Game on.
Wouldn’t you knwo it, before she even set foot in her classroom she had received three compliments.  Three points for Mommy. Kenley was quick to point out that they are, in fact, points for her as well since it is her hair and all.
Fast forward to 2:50 this afternoon, bell rings. Kenley waddles out, because she doesn’t walk- she waddles like me, and first words out of her mouth were, “Mommy, I got 16 compliments today”, with a big smile on that face.
On the ride home, short sassy hair do Kenley chewed on her watermelon flavored bubbles gum.  Haven’t heard much more from the hair do complaint department since.
Girls and their drama….