Daddy’s Girls

Three kids, I am finding, is definitely a two man operation. Mr. R has really stepped up to the plate by entertaining our girls, helping with the baby, grocery shopping, while I run around like a chicken with my head cut off.
My Dad always used that phrase.

A weekend wouldn’t be a Mr. R kinda weekend without a little fishing and hunting too. He took the girls down to the lake, and while he was getting B set up with her pole, Kens took it upon herself to cast, catch, reel AND unhook her very own first fish.

She was so proud of her accomplishment.

The fish loved the Wal-mart worms and sure were biting…. B managed to catch her limit as well.

Monday morning, with the cooler weather arriving, Mr. R took Britton into the weeds to sit in the deer stand, in hopes of seeing “the big one”.

She sat bundled up on the floor of the deer stand, with a smile on her face. As I always say to myself, don’t let the bedazzled t-shirts fool you. This girl is all tom-boy. She could have cared less whether or not they saw 10 bucs, or nothing it all. These girls just like spending time with their Daddy.