Day Eight… I think.

Okay, no sugar coating it.
I be tired. I mean, really tired.
Cannot seem get all the things I want accomplished- or even come close to it. Miss Type-A’s house officially looks like Miss Type-B has arrived and is here to stay.
For instance,I’ve been meaning to put away the large Costo-sized supply of toilet paper for two days now. Instead, I just walk past it and think, hmmm.. need to put that away at some point.
Paint my horrendous fingernails a pretty shade of nude for Fall. Nope, not today {or yesterday, or the day before that. I mean, who really looks at my nails anyway}.
Start writing one of ump-teen thank you notes– this too gets pushed off towards tomorrow.
Pay bills online that have been arriving the past week while I was out… nah, tomorrow they will be there. Make appointment for Poochie’s vaccination that I received a notice for months ago- the dog has been okay this long, another day won’t hurt.

Trivial things, this I know– but seriously.

Is it me or is her upper lip snarling?

Tonight I wrote on the wrong friend’s facebook wall, asking her if she had her baby yet. Woops.
I swapped the girls sandwiches in their lunchboxes- Kenley got the PB&J.
I almost poured Similac into my coffee this morning. Gross.
Kenley has been tasked with reminding me to take the baby out of the car, and into the house… just in case.

Someone finally got those training wheels taken off….

But… at the end of the day, I still have this.

Poor Poochie- Kenley dresses her every morning in her party dress.

And it is all so worth it.
And this I know is true.


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  1. 3' says

    Hang in there girl! Around the time that Hayes was born, I put Ashton and Emory in each other’s carseats for an entire ride to school and put TWO scoops of rice cereal on my oatmeal one morning. This will all be in your rearview soon. He is PRECIOUS.