Swollen with Joy

We are back home and adjusting to our new, crazy yet wonderful all bundled into one, hum of life.

Sweet Pea is just a tiny thing weighing 8 lbs 3 oz yesterday- and is sporting a fall tan thanks to a case of Jaundice that we are currently attempting to thwart off. We don’t want to head back to the “big house” {aka hospital} in order to get his levels down. Hoping that today’s lab results are an improvement over yesterday.

In the meantime, I have him sunbathing inside.

Like every mom, my heart has found a way to expand even further to love this little guy.

I know Mr. R’s photography is improving when he asks me how to take this shot without the flash– go Daddy.

Mama Mary has already gotten her hands on him…  as soon as we walked in the door Wednesday. She helped take care of Britton, when B was this age– over eight years ago. Kenley too!

Meme met her sixth great grandchild- and second great grandson. I’d call that blessed.

Mr. R says that the difference between boys and girls, is that when he held his little girls in his hands, all he wanted to do was protect them and take care of them. And when he holds his little boy, he looks at him and wonders what will he be when he grows up? What sports will he play? Will he like to hunt as well?
Sassy has been toting us to and from the hospital and labs for Raynes’ blood work, and I am under strict Dr. Mom instructions “to rest”…  I jokingly said I rather enjoyed the hospital this time- they brought me a paper in the mornings, asked me how I was feeling, received breakfast in bed and didn’t feel guilty for lying down all day long. So, another quick post so I don’t get into trouble with the big Mama.
Mr. R is planning on hunting tomorrow morning- should score some serious good wife points with that- it will also allow me to see if I can handle this mom-of-three stuff. No more dress rehearsals….. He is here to stay and my heart is swollen with joy.

Michael Raynes Robinson

Our sweet baby boy has arrived!
Michael Raynes Robinson was born yesterday, on October 17th, 2011 at 5:38 pm, weighing a hefty 8 lbs 9 oz and 21″ in length. A true blessing for our family.
Disclaimer- This mama is on Percoset so… tonight, it’s just photos. Once I can form cohesive thoughts again, I will attempt to put into words the experience of bringing our one, and only, son into this world.
For the time being, these photos can tell the story.
Oh, and Mr. R was the closest in guessing the correct weight of his son. He has been giddy, is the only word to describe him, since the birth of his son.

Son. Son. Son- I’m trying to see how many times I can squeeze that word into a short post– good practice.

Thank you to Aunt Britty, the official “photographer” yesterday.

‘Twas the Night Before Baby…

And all through the house…

The “big girls” are with Sassy and Pops
I’ve cleaned our home from top to bottom
Lunch boxes and back packs are ready to go
Nana is ready to take charge of girls and poochies
Hospital bags are by the door
and video cameras charged….

I think we are as ready as we know how to be.

It’s been a long time comin’…..

Sara Britton took it upon herself to snap this photo for me to show to her brother-in-law shortly thereafter….  {Feb. 2011}

Even with the many preparations we have been making over the past 9 months, the eye is on full twitch mode this evening.  People give birth every day, every hour, in every country. It doesn’t mean I take a healthy baby and successful delivery for granted. You just never know. I hid a longer, sweeter note in the girls lunch boxes for tomorrow, hugged them a little tighter tonight and spent time just talking with Mr. R. this evening. 

For a likes-to-be-in control kinda person like myself, it’s an unnerving feeling to not be able to control how things will unfold tomorrow.

I remind myself of the scripture that spoke to me, prior to Kenley’s surgery- as I was reorganizing kitchen drawers for the 13th time, trying to regain some sense of control over my life.

When Moses was trying to lead the people out of Egypt, he was afraid that nobody would listen to him. He expressed those fears to the Lord saying, “What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, ‘The Lord did not appear to you’?” (Exodus 4:1).

My bible gives an-easy-to-understand-insight about each passage. When I went back to this verse, I saw where I had underlined the below comments:
Moses’ fear was caused by overanticipation. He was worried about how the people might respond to him. We often build up events in our minds and then panic over what might go wrong. God does not ask us to go where he has not provided the means for help. Go where he leads, trusting him to supply courage, confidence, and resources at the right moment.

Trust. Trust. Trust.

Everything will be okay because.. I am not the one in charge. Thankfully.

Can’t wait to meet our little guy tomorrow. A boy?! Who knew….

For the record, weight predictions are as follows:
Mr. R- 8 lbs 8 oz (because I ate Hagen Daaz last night he up’ed his guess)
Myself- 8 lbs 11 oz
Shea- 8 lbs, 1 oz
Britton – 8 llbs 4 oz
Kenley- refused to participate because “I always guess wrong”
Winner gets an Icee.
37 weeks……

Boarding School

I never attended a boarding school. If I recall correctly, my parents may have threatened a few times- but seeing that I didn’t even spend the night out until high school, it never happened.

Tucker, in contrast, is living the high life and enjoying her boarding school with all the other working bird and field trial K9s.

Quite an impressive campus Miss Tucker. Lake, grass, geese, friends, beautiful fall weather. Maybe I should check in for a few weeks.

In the few days she has been there, we can already see some improvement. Greg, the trainer on the left, is the Dog Whisperer. I was worried the Tucker may wonder what she did wrong, to have been abondanded the past week, but he assured me that dogs don’t have the ability to think abstractly. She was in the kennel with a young, cute boy-  future prom date maybe?- and she seems spunky and spirits lifted when we left.

Britton is no longer in withdrawal.

After leaving Tucker’s plantation of a boarding school- it was Pizza a’ fresco style. Mr. R tries so hard to keep little fingerprints off his windows, and trash to a minimum in his truck. I love this shot that captures the light hitting his window just so.

Columbus Day meant a Regatta sail for Kenley’s kindergarten– Mr. R created her ship that actually floated, sailed, and beat “Bens” boat {K later confessed the Ben’s boat didn’t have a sail, not exactly fair match}.. Go team R!

Thankfully Mr. R gets into this kind of stuff because it’s “not my cup of tea” as K would say.

Aunt Shea is good about sending the girls gifts for Arbor Day, Christmas, Passover, MLK Day, Halloween, Take your Child to Work Day– really any and every holiday.

 I secretly tried to beat her by mailing her kid’s Halloween envelope early this year.. but sadly, the best I could have achieved was tying as my girls received their Halloween package yesterday. Thank you Maysie and Railey!
The Mikes found some peanuts, where I do not know, the Britton plans to boil.

Okay, so the weekend isn’t all that exciting… I think of it as the calm before the storm..

48 hours.

Holy Toledo!

Life in Pastel Chalk

Here are some random photos from this past weekend.
The soon-to-be double big sister is anxious to get this little boy out and into the world. She is reading like a mad woman, talking non-stop about her new ‘friend’ Matthew- and  creating something new every day.
Last night, she made a floating regatta boat out of a milk carton, duck tape and constructed a rutter as well. Kenley and Mr. R were working together on Kenley’s boat for a school project, so B took it upon herself to create one as well– naming it the SS Brittany. Yes, she likes to sign her homework papers Brittany- her teacher gets a kick out of it.

Tucker went to meet a dog trainer on Sunday, and turns out she is staying at doggie camp for the next month. Mr. R is having withdrawal, but we know that all good bird dogs spend a good amount of time training. Britty and Mr. R really miss her- me and Kens, not as much. Just keeping it real.

This one keeps asking her Daddy to remove her training wheels- he must not be quite ready for little girl to grow up because he keeps putting it off.

Tucker Mae…. I either want her white teeth or eye color, I can’t decide.

It’s a dog life ’round here. Sunbathing and napping.

I call this her Aunt Muffy run… what in the heck is she thinking in this exact moment? I would love to know.

Some Saturday hop scotch in the driveway- I think she entertained herself for an hour drawing outdoors with pastel chalk.

Not much more news on the baby front- just sitting around waiting. My OB has to leave town, for his mother in law’s funeral, and is in practice by himself. This means someone else will have the call should I deliver this weekend. But I am going on the record that I think peanut will be staying put until Monday….. just a hunch.