Pumpkin’ish Posing

In honor of Halloween, I will be carrying around my 7.5 lb “pumpkin” until next Monday- according to the OB visit today, this little guy only weighs about 7 1/2 lbs so he can bake another 6 days. Seven pounds seems so small to me, I can practically sneeze him out!
Until then, Mr. R and I took our 2.5 pumpkins to the patch this weekend… not “the patch” as in the thing you use to quit smoking, but the pumpkin patch. What kind of Mom would I be if I didn’t continue the tradition of pumpkin patch photos- feathers and all.

Britton seems to think the best way to test a Halloween worthy pumpkin is by sitting on it. Don’t ask.

Someone was under the impression that we would be getting 5 large pumpkins- to add to the 4 pumpkins that are already on our front stairs. Poor, neglected child.

Why you sitting on all the pumpkins, pumpkin? Just hide them under your shirt like me.

One of two photos of Mr. R and I with this lil’ peanut. If you want to feel skinny, just stand next to me! Belly hangs out of every shirt I own. But.. I have 6 days to go, so who really cares.

In the end, Kens bought three small pumpkins to represent the three kiddos in our family come Halloween.

Happy Halloween!