When I woke up this morning, I thought I was still dreaming. The clock read 9:00 am… Nine a.m.!
Thank you hubby for letting me sleep in! I might have just aged backwards several years today.

As if that wasn’t enough- he took the girls to Florida State Art Expo this morning, where Britton’s artwork had been selected for display (there were 18 pieces out of 900+ students).

Daddy daycare continued throughout the day while I snuck away to Thomasville, babyless, with my Mama this afternoon.

Aunt Shea, the queen of advice, came to meet little R while Daddy then took the girls to visit Tucker at her boarding school.

I think Aunt Shea just wanted to see what a little boy looks like up close and personal…

Raynes sported his camo gear in honor of Day O’ Daddy… That’s how we roll.

Eleven Days Old

Halloween is days away, and Little Bo Peep and our young Mermaid are ready for some serious candy collecting in our neighborhood.

I managed to hang up half of my Halloween decor this year… the other half is still draped over my kitchen chair waiting for it’s designated place. I’m thinking that place will be back to the plastic storage container.
Halloween Parties have begun….
Little Bo Peep still thinks I am going to be making a sheep costume for both Raynes and Poochie. I don’t know how to break it to her that this tired ol’ Mama cannot fathom concocting a home made costume this late in the game.. Bribery perhaps?

Luckily Kenley dug out an old Mermaid costume from the dress up box and she seems to be happy with the slightly torn, moderately small, flammable costume she found at the bottom of the box.

That’s my girl!

Yesterday morning, once the kids got off to school, I was enjoying a peaceful, quiet morning moment with Raynes– gazing into his little face, listening to him breathe, rubbing his blond eye brows, when suddenly he projectile vomited all over me, the couch, the Boppie, himself- and anything else within a two foot range.

And so it ’tis life. He repeated his performance in the car pool line— got the car seat and himself really well. Luckily, a little throw up doesn’t seem to bother him as we couldn’t get home to change him for an hour. Poor little fellow.

This meant a shampoo and blow dry for little bit…

Cousin Avery came by to meet Cousin Raynes… and wouldn’t you know it, K and Avery have matching pants. And nope, I didn’t make Avery’s sassy pants.

Now that child can talk better than most adults I know.. only 2 1/2– must be her incredible gene pool…

Raynes notices Poochie for the first time today. Nice to meet ya.

Thought I would never hear the end of it when Sassy spotted her “wrinkled” {her words, not mine} hands in a photo earlier this week. Have to redeem myself…. So here is ‘Sporty Sassy’ giving Raynes another bath.

Totally random, but… I came across this old POST .. which still rings true, 4 years later.. although I would have to add.

Never under estimate your heart’s ability to expand, and expand even further.