Sweet Pea

I think I’m gonna like this whole boy thing after all.
Correction… I know I will.
This lil’ sweet pea is… knock on wood… sweet. Night time feedings are predictable, swift, and painless. Third time is the charm and Daddy even woke up for the late night feedings last night, which is a huge help in keeping my sanity in check and hormonal tears at bay.
I found myself crying while watching Oprah describe the large flash mob in Chicago a couple seasons back. It really is kind of sweet if you think about it… all those people dancing together. Okay, now it sounds crazy but it was moving at the time.

Honestly, the hardest part so far has been the girls- a little extra sass and whiney-ness can make evenings somewhat chaotic.
Although those roles will likely reverse in the coming weeks I am enjoying having a baby in the house once again.

4 days old

Sassy has given him both his baths– three children later and there are two things I am still scared of.
Baby fingernails and infant suppositories. Finally, I have conquered my fears on all accounts.

 Second bath

Kenley has decided she likes the house without the dogs- and is picketing to get rid of both dogs in exchange for Raynes.

I think Mr. R would like to keep all the children and animals. Ee ii ee ii oh.

Time to rustle someone awake so he can have some lunchtime vittles.


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