Unanswered Prayers

While I am falling in love, I am also falling pitifully behind in trying to capture any type of remotely creative shots, as I cannot seem to make myself put this little guy down.
He nestles into the nook of my neck, making soft purring sounds, just looking at the new world around him.
The little Sweet Pea doesn’t cry unless you change his diaper, and even then it’s only for the 20 seconds it now takes me to change him. 
When I look in his eyes, I am so grateful to have him in our family. We waited long time for this little boogar- a miscarriage and many months thereafter- we spent much prayer over whether or not a third child we would ever have– and am so glad that God always has bigger plans than I can dream.
For a long time I would pray that Mr. R would want another baby. Eventually, I flip-flopped that prayer and focused on myself, asking instead for God to take away the will for me to want another baby.
Well, that was an unanswered prayer, because try as I might- I still felt deep in my heart that our family wasn’t complete yet.
My friend Shea- tells it like it is and gives good advice. When we were debating whether or not we would have another baby- she said, “Garrett- it’s a win win. You will never look back and say, wish I had one more with all the extra time and money we have. Nor, will you ever look at that third child and say, wish we hadn’t done that.” 
Ain’t that the truth?
And she is so right. It’s a win-win for anyone thinking or praying for more children.
Day Nine
Thankfully, prayer works because I am holding him.

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