Bombs Away

Today marks the beginning of Mama Boot Camp- to get my Boot back in shape. We’ve hit the magical six week mark. Not sure what that means, other then I probably can’t get away licking the bowl of my Christmas baking that is to come, and cashing in my ‘no exercise’ free pass that I have been using the past several months.

 The holidays aren’t an ideal time to begin steering away from my favorite Christmas cookies and yummy carbs, but ain’t no time like the present. The weather isn’t getting any warmer and this Mama has to be able to squeeze into some warm jeans hanging in my closet come winter.

Oh, the things we do for our kids.

Little Guy, is doing just the opposite. He is packing on the pounds, cheeks growing plumper, and just last week he outgrew his first outfit. Sadly, it was my favorite soft, blue, footed Kissy Kissy, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. He is doing his job, and I must be doing mine too.

In full disclosure, I did have another not-so-proud parenting moment when I fed Fatso a bottle using a Dr. Brown’s #3 nipple. For those of us that are new to the Dr. Brown nipple numbering system, a #3 is what an experienced, sane mother would use for her 9 month old baby. Although in my defense, I was half asleep at 3:00 am feeding him, I thought to myself that he sucked it down rather fast. After inhaling his snack, I paid the price with a baby full of gas. Shame, shame. 
Today I almost redeemed myself by introducing him to his “lovey” which is a soft, satin bunny that he can hold and rub against his face. His little hands now always want to grab something, and lately it has been my hair. The lovey makes a nice substitute and allows my chia pet hair to remain intact.

Back to Christmas decorating and online ordering while the girls are away at school.